What shoes to wear with an electric blue dress?


Have you bought a beautiful electric blue dress and you do not know what shoes to combine it with? Don’t worry, because you are not the only one to whom it happens! On many occasions, we fall in love with garishly colored clothes and then we don’t know what accessories to wear them with. This is the case of electric blue dresses, since the choice of footwear and other accessories will determine the success or failure of the outfit. In this article we tell you in detail which shoes to pair with an electric blue dress.

What shoes to wear with an electric blue dress


The nude or skin color is one of the colors that best combine with electric blue dresses. With a pair of shoes in this color you will make the suit stand out even more and be the only and authentic protagonist of your outfit.


Another good option to combine electric blue dress will be black shoes, since you will achieve a spectacular result thanks to the contrast between both colors. Do not choose shoes with ornaments, but rather a simple pair of shoes with which you will be able to stylize your legs and that you will surely take advantage of on many other occasions.


An electric blue dress will also look great with silver shoes, as they will add a unique shine. But you should also try that they are not excessively bright or have ornaments, because then you will achieve the opposite effect. The best bet will be the softest silver tones, which are close to gray.


Although some opinions say that gold shoes are not the best recommendation for electric blue dresses, if they are chosen correctly they can be perfect. In the same way as with the silver color, if we opt for the gold color, it will be necessary to find a suitable tone so that it does not contrast too much and the result is disastrous.


  • Never combine an electric blue dress with blue shoes.
  • Choose the shoes that best suit your style, although heels will always enhance your figure.
  • Opt for a bag that matches your shoes.


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