What shoes to wear with a white dress?


White dresses are a very recurring option, whether for an everyday beach look or a more special occasion (although never for a wedding!). They are especially recommended for the summer and feel great with tanned skin. It is very important to choose the accessories for a white dress and especially to choose the correct footwear; to do this, you must take into account the style of the dress and the occasion on which you will wear it. In this article we explain in detail what shoes to wear with a white dress.

What shoes to wear with a white dress

Dress type

First of all, it should be taken into account what type of garment we are talking about, since the shoes will vary based on the style of the dress and the occasion on which we are going to use it. In this way, the length of the dress, the cut, the neckline, the fabric, etc. will influence.

Likewise, it will not be the same to choose shoes for a white party dress than in the case of an informal dress for daily. We can choose between sandals, court shoes, peep toe, boots, etc. and it will also be necessary to choose what type of heel we prefer.


When combining a white dress, one of the options is to opt for also white shoes, so that we will achieve a monochromatic look. This option is recommended for formal occasions or, for example, with long dresses that cover the shoes.

Nude or skin

The nude, skin or natural color is a perfect option to combine with a white dress. This color will go unnoticed and will let the suit take center stage, or the rest of the accessories that you combine with your white dress, such as the handbag or jewelry.


If you are looking for something more elegant, you can opt for silver shoes to wear with your white dress. It is a very fine bet and the shine will give the look sobriety. It should be noted that jewelry or costume jeweler must be consistent with the shoes, it should not be mixed with golden tones.


On the other hand, the most daring can choose to combine the white dress with red shoes, a perfect combination.


Although some may not agree very much, black shoes can also be combined with a white dress, especially if the dress has details in that color.

Vivid colors and prints

And the most daring can also choose to create great contrasts, as long as the occasion allows. In this way, for more informal occasions, we can combine the white dress with strident colors such as apple green or yellow; opt for an extreme klein blue or a fuchsia pink; as well as it is also possible to combine it with a pair of animal print or animal print shoes .

Other add-ons

In addition to the shoes, you must choose the rest of the accessories that you want to combine with your white dress: bag, jewelry, foulards, etc.


  • Choose the shoes that best suit your style.


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