What is unisex clothing and genderless fashion? What are the best brands to wear?


Fashion is undoubtedly the best expression of identity of a person or of what she wants and chooses to convey.

What is unisex clothing and genderless fashion What are the best brands to wear

In recent times this has been involved by the change of conception that it has had regarding the division of genders. Thus creating not only unisex clothing for young people but also changing the scheme much more with genderless fashion.

This trend has impacted the vast majority of people today. It makes many of them feel comfortable and comfortable when wearing any type of garment. Since it breaks these schemes, barriers or idealizations of ways of dressing. So it seems that unisex and genderless clothing is here to stay.

What is fashion or unisex clothing?

But what is unisex clothing, and what is this trend about? First, the name refers to the multiplicity that a garment can have. The unisex meaning comes from the simplification of the universal word or union, and expanded with sex. Which means the variation that the clothing or style has for a man and a woman.

Unisex fashion in history came to be known as a trend since 1960 and 1970. Where what it did was try to dilute the differences between genders. So that a garment was versatile enough. As for a man and a woman to put it on.

This fashion was a social and cultural manifestation that completely broke the paradigms. Not only impact on clothing but also on styles, on how to wear hair, how men also wear them long and other things.

Today it gives rise to clothing and fashion, so its impact did have a result. Although, this is characterized by basic and classic clothing items, to suit any gender.

Difference between unisex fashion and genderless fashion

The genderless trend is often confused with that of unisex, however they are not the same fashion. While unisex was designed and created so that both genders could wear the same garment. Gender opts for another proposal.

So what is the genderless trend? It is that fashion that seeks that a garment has no gender. So it is basically totally neutral, which means that from a skirt, to pants or a jacket, it has no gender subject.

It is a much more daring and innovative trend of recent times without a doubt. Certainly this has had a great impact and it can be said that it is the next step of what was unisex.

However, these two trends are not the same, and to explain it better, unisex is created for two genders. And genderless is not created for genders, you can simply use it according to your style, since it is completely neutral. It has no identity specification.

Best brands to dress unisex or genderless

Many brands that decided to opt for these trends have been the best and most daring. So we leave you the unisex and genderless clothing brands below.

Lamarel, created by the designer Sandra Rodriguez Pinto in 2018. Characterized by creating clothing models with quality and recyclable materials.

Collusion is a unisex brand with very versatile and different designs that attract attention. It consists of the effort of different ingenious minds for the production of new designs every year.

Nohant, is a unisex brand that is responsible for creating basic designs, which are striking and iconic. They can be worn daily, and wear something quite different, fresh and classic at the same time.

Ader Error, is a Korean brand with unisex fashion, created in 2014. It stands out for combining retro style with contemporary, with striking colors.

Pitagora, this brand stands out for having a style that combines the simple, geometric, and various colors. With totally hand-woven designs.

My Palma, is a genderless brand created in Mexico. It is positioned most of all in pants, shirts, hoodies and shorts. Which by postponed presents a very good quality, in everything.


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