What is the total look?


The total look refers to that style in which only the same color or the same pattern is used to create your look. It is a risky fashion trend that has triumphed on the catwalks and to which many celebrities are hooked.

What is the total look

It comes from the 80s when women’s fashion was filled with prints and risky combinations, but with the entry of the 90s, minimalism and simple lines were given way. Now, in the 21st century, we are recovering the total look, adapting it to new uses to create an avant-garde and very feminine woman.

But if you still don’t know very well what the total look is, keep reading this article we reveal the keys you should follow to dress in fashion.

Total look prints

Imitating the fashion of the 80s, now comes the total look prints, a style in which they triumph from the animal print to more geometric and futuristic prints. The key to creating your total look style is to pretend that all your clothing is as if it were the same suit; this is achieved by creating a uniform combination that conforms to the lines of your body.

You can choose either to create a total look with a skirt or with pants, you decide! In addition, accessories are important when creating your style: you can make them stand out from the rest of your clothing if you choose a different tone to your clothes.

Total monochrome look

Another way to dress with the style of the total look is to choose garments of the same color and configure all your style with this tone, it is what is known as the total monochrome look. You can choose neutral tones such as white, black or gray or, if you are a risky woman, you can opt for more striking colors such as red, green or yellow.

Total look denim

If you are passionate about jeans, you will surely love the total denim look: it is about combining different denim garments that complete your entire style. Of course: you must ensure that the color of the jeans is similar so that you follow the premises of this fashion trend.

It is a perfect combination for the more informal and casual looks with which you get a more youthful and urban appearance. Sign up for denim!

Black & White

If you like to dress in a sophisticated way, white and black are the best allies to configure your style. To adapt your tastes to the fashion of the total look, it is best to create a style in which the pattern mixes white and black, as we show you in the image. With these garments you can be fashionable without giving up your most elegant and sophisticated part.


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