What colors to combine with electric blue pants?


The pants electric blue are great to wear throughout the year and especially during the summer season in our closet bursting color. But, sometimes, we are presented with the doubt about what color combinations to make, since electric blue is already very strident and the choice must be appropriate. In this article we offer you some tips on how to combine colors with electric blue pants.

What colors to combine with electric blue pants


One of the most classic options when combining electric blue pants is white. It will be a sure hit! White will make the force of the blue color stand out even more.


Also, another classic possibility when combining electric blue is to opt for black, a classic and elegant option, but at the same time it can give a lot of play. Add some accessories to complete your look and you will be divine!

Gray or beige

Another low risk option – but therefore safe – is to combine electric blue pants with a gray or beige shirt or blouse. As they are quite neutral colors, you will be enhancing the blue.


You can get a more groundbreaking look by combining your electric blue pants with a mustard-colored top.


Following the same range, you can also choose a blouse, shirt, etc. golden. It is especially recommended for evening looks, thus providing a bright touch that will surprise a lot, you can also combine them with fabulous golden shoes.

Pink or fuchsia

The pink or fuchsia are two good combinations for the electric blue, and you’ll get a nice contrast between two strong tones. And if not, look how Paula Echevarría looks like it!


The color-blocking is the fashion dress with colored blocks, unvarnished and usually with a lot of contrast between them. In this way, you can combine your electric blue pants with yellowapple greenorange, etc.


Likewise, we can also choose printed garments to combine with our electric blue pants. For example, a navy or sailor style shirt can be great, or also a floral print.


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