What accessories to wear with a white dress


White dresses are ideal for a large number of occasions – except for a wedding, of course – and especially when summer arrives. We can use them in our day to day, but we can also find more sophisticated models that will work perfectly on more formal occasions. It is important to combine white dresses with good accessories, to achieve a surprising look and look perfect. In this article, we explain in detail what accessories to wear with a white dress.

What accessories to wear with a white dress

Dress type

First of all, it should be taken into account what type of garment we are talking about, since accessories will vary based on the style of the dress and the occasion on which we are going to use it. In this way, it will not be the same to choose the accessories for a white beach dress than for a dress for the confirmation of a teenager, since the length of the dress, the cut, the neckline, the fabric, etc.


In this way, when choosing footwear for your white dress you will have many options to choose from, such as:

  • White sandals or shoes, for a monochrome look.
  • Showy colors: fuchsia, red, electric blue, apple green, yellow … You will get a great contrast, especially recommended for informal occasions.
  • Nude or skin color: if what you want is to highlight the dress, opt for natural or nude colored shoes that go unnoticed.
  • Boots, you can also get a more groundbreaking look by combining your dress with country style boots in brown or beige colors.
  • Black shoes, for the most classic and more formal or elegant occasions.


Another essential accessory for a woman is the bag, so you should carefully consider which one you combine with your white dress. In the same way as in the case of shoes, you should look for the one that best suits the occasion and your look.

It is not necessarily necessary for the bag to match the shoes, but you can play with these two accessories and give more importance to one of them. So you can choose a bag that stands out, either in a single tone or pattern, or let it go unnoticed and give more weight to the shoes.

Jeweler and foulards

The jeweler and scarves or scarves will be critical to match your white dress. Like everything commented, it will depend on the style of your clothing and the occasion in which you are going to use it; as well as depending on whether you prefer a look with colorful contrasts or more natural and simple.

Hair accessories

You should also take into account what accessories you will use on your hair or what hairstyle you will do. For casual white summer dresses, Ibiza-style hats and ribbons will be a great idea. If it’s a more formal occasion, you can opt for more elaborate barrettes and hair accessories.


And something that you should choose very well for your white dress will be the underwear, since you will have to look for the most appropriate and try not to be marked or transparent. Despite what some may believe, the white color will not be the most appropriate, but the skin or flesh color is preferable, since it will not become lighter.


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