Ideas to dress red


The red is the color that arouses passion, transmits energy and makes the wearer feel in control of the situation. It is also a color with which women feel especially attractive and sexy, and for the night it is a tremendously sensual color. Have you been wanting to know more about this color and want to know how to take advantage of it in your wardrobe? Here we give you some good ideas to wear red.

Ideas to dress red

Steps to follow:

The Red is a sexy color that can be combined in many ways. For example, you can choose a red dress and complement it with a black leather jacket, to give your look a more “rocker” look as well as sensual

Red is a safe bet to go to a wedding. If you do not want to go unnoticed, opt for red in the dress for the wedding to which you have been invited. Whether you are brunette or blonde, red will enhance your features, we recommend that you do not abuse too much in this case of accessories, good earrings are enough. If you also collect your hair, the touch will be even more glamorous.

A very casual option, while different and colorful, is to use red in the pants. Red in itself is a striking color, so the ideal is to offset that explosion of color with the top: if you wear a white shirt, you will have a perfect look to go to work. You can complete it with an accessory such as a handkerchief or a bag

look that never fails and does not go out of style is the sailor look, perfect to combine with the color red. Opt for a blue and white striped t-shirt and add red or white pants. Another option is to choose a red skirt to complete it, this is perfect for summer or autumn afternoons, and also to go to the office.

A good idea to wear red is to use accessories of that color, from a bag to a scarf or scarf. If you opt for a red bag, you can combine it in many ways, from jeans to give it a more denim touch, to a white dress to achieve a greater contrast of colors.

How would you have never combined a red dress with a yellow bag? Well, we show you that it looks great. It is true that it is a somewhat risky combination and that it depends on the personality of the person who wears it, but you can see that it is fun, casual and current. You can dare with an accessory that breaks the harmony between the red dress and the shoes, here we do recommend that you play it safe and choose black shoes.


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