Ideas to dress in purple


One of the colors more trend in recent seasons is purple. All its shades have stomped into our closet, as we now find tops, blouses, shirts, skirts or dresses in this beautiful color. Cheerful and colorful; serious and formal … Choose the tone that best suits each occasion and learn to combine this color that is so fashionable. Here we give you some ideas to wear purple and combine the garments. Take note!

Ideas to dress in purple

Steps to follow:

Purple, violet, mauve, aborigine … All these shades can be found in most clothes and accessories. Combining them with each other is very simple, as this is one of the colors that best suits it. Pay attention to the clothes you choose and try to make a good choice to guarantee harmony in your outfit.

The black and white are two colors that blend perfectly with mauve. A loose blouse with a black skinny can be a success. You will give a serious and formal image.

Another option is to wear black and white with jeans and add a touch of color with purple shoes and accessories. You will be total!

If you are a more extreme woman, you can opt for slightly more difficult combinations. We are talking about the colors green and blue. We advise you to add a touch of color to your aborigine dress with green shoes and accessories. Be daring, but be careful, you could fall into a gruesome combination.

Another color that goes well with purple and gives a touch daring to the set, is colored yellow. You can use garments of these colors making them contrast or complement each other. You have multiple options. Play with your imagination and your sense of fashion and style.

To maintain harmony in your look you should try to combine the garments and accessories according to the main color of your wardrobe. If you choose the central color to be purple, you will have to look for the harmony in the other garments. Look for other shades that give you harmony.

If you want a greater visual impact in your wardrobe, you should opt for antagonistic colors. Do it carefully, and choose to add touches of color to your look with greens, blues and even oranges.


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