How to wear silver shoes


The silver shoes have become one of the main trends of the season, a shoe risky but well combined results from the most glamorous and stylish. Whether we have bluchers, sandals, wedges or stilettos in silver, it is important to know with what colors this metallic tone will look good to achieve looks adapted to the latest fashion and always look attractive. If you have recently acquired shoes of this tone and you are not sure how to take advantage of them, pay attention to this article in which we give you good options to combine silver shoes.

How to wear silver shoes

With a total black look

Black is the predominant color in many women’s wardrobes, and a simple black dress or top can get us out of more than one hurry and make us look super elegant and stylish. Now, if we do not combine it with other colors that stand out, it can make the look a bit boring and go unnoticed, so it is always advisable to create contrast with other more striking tones. And, in this sense, silver is one of the best options. To a total black look you can add silver shoes and accessories also in silver and it will be more than enough to be spectacular.

In addition, if you combine your silver shoes with black garments, you will make the footwear the main protagonist of your outfit.

With white garments

White is one of our favorite colors, especially to show off a cooler image on the hottest days of the year or summer. It admits many possibilities and can be combined with shoes of infinite shades, but if you want to give it a very chic touch and continue to maintain that freshness in your outfit , nothing better than combining it with silver shoes.

Likewise, if you wear a total white look, silver shoes will serve to highlight it and be adapted to the latest trends.

With denim

Jackets, shirts, tops, shorts , skirts, dresses, skinny jeans …, all these garments and many more can be found in denim , undoubtedly the fashionable fabric that has been fully introduced into clothing collections, both for a style very casual as for looks that give us a more arranged appearance, everything will depend on how we combine the different garments.

The silver shoes are also ideal to show off garments denim, the result is simple but very feminine and elegant. You can wear silver oxford shoes for a more masculine or urban style or silver heeled sandals to give your outfit a more formal touch and stylize your figure, you decide!

Likewise, the final effect is incredible whether you wear your shoes with a total denim look or if you combine a denim garment with another in tones such as white, black, nude , pastel pink, navy blue , etc.

With pastel colors

Those girls who love to wear romantic, sweet and fresh looks can also combine their silver shoes with pastel clothes. Whether you choose pink, yellow, blue, lilac or pastel green garments, they will look great with your metallic footwear.

With this combination, you will get a fabulous ladylike look , a style that seeks to look sexy and sweet at the same time, and in which pastel and neutral tones predominate, dresses fitted at the waist and with voluminous skirts, cut A and clutch . Do you join this trend?

With red clothes

Red is a color that highlights the attractiveness and sensuality of any woman to the maximum, and combining it with silver accessories is a great success to also give it luminosity and a touch of elegance.

If you have a red dress, combine it with silver shoes and you will see how easily you get a look of the most sexy, striking and seductive. Likewise, you can wear your silver shoes with red skinny jeans and complete the outfit, for example, with a white top or blouse, add a silver clutch and you will be spectacular for any occasion.

With gray or nude garments

Some silver shoes are also capable of giving a lot of life to those more muted and neutral colors, such as gray or the so fashionable nude.

If you are going to wear a look in which gray or nude garments are the clear protagonists, put on some silver shoes and you will quickly add more light and contrast to your style.

It is also a great option to combine pearl or nude gray ball gowns with silver open shoes or sandals; This is a safe bet to be super elegant and with a very sophisticated air.

What to avoid with silver shoes

Now you know what is the best way to combine silver shoes to always look ideal, but it is also convenient that you know with what clothes or colors you should avoid wearing with this footwear, because you could achieve the opposite effect and overshadow your beauty and that of your shoes. Take note of the following recommendations and try to comply with them:

  • Avoid combining silver shoes with gold or bronze-colored clothing.
  • Do not recharge your look with too many silver garments or silver accessories, you can wear the shoes and some other pieces but without going overboard.
  • Avoid combining silver shoes with a maxi bag also in silver, the best option is to combine them with a metallic clutch or a smaller bag.
  • Avoid wearing silver shoes with very powerful or flashy prints, such as animal print.


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