How to wear red shoes


Few clothes are as sensual as red shoes, right? It is a complement that brings personality and distinction to any outfit, but it can also spoil the look if you don’t know how to combine it with the rest of the clothes. That is why we want to give you a hand and offer you different options to wear that pair of red shoes, either in your daily outfit or for special occasions. So don’t wait any longer and discover how to combine red shoes.

How to wear red shoes

Total black and red shoes

One of the safest options when combining red shoes is to opt for black, and they will be the perfect touch for a total black look. This first option is one of the most elegant bets, either for your daily outfits or on special occasions that require something more formal.

Be it black pants, dresses, skirts with or without stockings, leggings … Any combination of totally black garments will be ideal to marry with a pair of red shoes.

Red shoes with jeans

Another solution that never fails is to put on jeans or jeans with our red shoes. From simple or casual sandals and ballerinas to heart-stopping heels, they will look great with all kinds of denim pants: long, shorts, rolled up, narrow, wide, worn … Anything goes!

The white shirts will be very appropriate to turn the shoes into the only protagonists; although if you wish, you can also include in your look some other red touch with accessories of this same color such as bags or hair accessories.

White and red

As we mentioned, the white color will also be a great idea to combine your red shoes. On this occasion, we can opt for a totally white look or just some of the garments such as pants or skirt.

In addition, if you are brunette, the golden tone of your skin will stand out even more, so this outfit will be ideal for summer days.

Red & nude

Opting for a neutral color such as nude will be another of the most elegant options to wear red shoes. And it is that in this combination the star will undoubtedly be your feet because they will become the center of attention.

And it is that when combining a nude color dress, intense colors are recommended that create contrast with the simplicity of the garment. It should be noted that you can also opt for a little more intense tones such as beige or the pale pink range.

Polka dots with red shoes

And why not dare with prints? Of course! Not only do solid colors match red shoes, but you can go further as well. For example, any garment with polka dots or dots will be a perfect option, in combinations as diverse as white on navy blue, black on white, vice versa … Which one do you prefer?

Red shoes and stripes

But not only the points, but also the stripes are great to wear with red shoes, especially white and navy blue. In this way, you will get a navy or sailor outfit that will not leave anyone indifferent.

This option will also be ideal for the summer season, from walks on the beach to night parties in which to cause a furor.

Animal print with red shoes

And for the most daring: animal prints with red shoes, an option that might seem risky but very recurrent. Whether you want to wear leopard or cheetah clothing or those that imitate zebra or snake skin, you can easily put on your red shoes and succeed wherever you go.

You can also include other red accessories such as bags and belts or choose to also combine it with black garments that provide a more sober touch.


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