How to wear pink sneakers


Often we do not know what to wear even though we have a closet full of clothes and there is always a garment or accessory that we do not use because we do not know how to combine it. It is something that happens to us many times with shoes, especially if they are of a very specific style and of a bold or striking color such as, for example, pink sneakers.

How to wear pink sneakers

Do you have some pink slippers stored and would like to start wearing them right away? Have you just bought some and have no idea what looks can go better with? So, keep reading this article and discover how to combine pink sneakers.

Black with pink sneakers

A safe bet to combine pink sneakers is the color black. Put on your favorite black pants with a shirt of a neutral color, for example, you can try the total black look , also choosing a black shirt, or with a nude color and give a touch of life to your image by highlighting your feet with sneakers , sneakers or pink sneakers. It does not matter the tone of the pink color, it can be pale, fuchsia or an intermediate tone. Rest assured that this casual and comfortable outfit will serve you practically for any occasion. This type of combination will be great for giving luminosity and color to your image in cold seasons, although you can also wear it in summer.

Jeans go with everything

You probably already know that the jeans combined with all kinds of accessories and colors, so the pink slippers could not be less. Whether it’s a denim trousers or a miniskirt, with a light-colored shirt like white or pale pink, it will go perfectly with your pink sneakers. This look can be worn at any time of the year, but perhaps it is better to wear it in winter and fall and reserve the heat for skirts and dresses.

Dressed in pink sneakers

A simple dress with pink sneakers will be a little less casual than the outfits that we have presented so far, so it is perfect for a night out, and it will be equally comfortable. This combination is great for the summer, as you will be cooler than with pants. It does not matter if the dress is plain, striped or with a daring pattern, or if it is long or short, as long as they are colors that can combine with the pink tone of your sneakers.

White and pink

Another basic color that you will hit when combined with pink sneakers is white. You can go with pants, a dress or a skirt, it does not matter if it is short or long, as long as they are white, and any of these garments will be perfect with the striking color touch on your feet. This outfit is much more advisable to wear in hot season than in cold seasons.

Accessories of the same color

A perfect way to combine pink sneakers when you wear clothes in basic and neutral colors is to make yourself with accessories in the same shade of pink as your sneakers. If your sneakers are more of a fuchsia color, you can get some sunglasses, a bag or a scarf for the neck, but be careful, do not wear them all at once or it would be too much. In addition, if it is the cold season and the pink of your sneakers is rather light or pale or pastel, you can combine not only a bag or a scarf, but a coat of the same color can also be great.


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