How to wear gray pants


If you like to keep up to date with the latest trends and you are passionate or passionate about fashion, surely you know that a garment that should not be missing in your wardrobe is undoubtedly gray pants. In both winter and summer, the neutrality of gray allows you to create very varied outfits in which the mixture of colors and fabrics manages to give your image a modern and elegant air.

How to wear gray pants

Achieving a casual, rocker, dandy or office look is an easy task when we have gray pants among our favorite garments, so whether you already have one or are thinking of buying it but you doubt what to wear it, in a HOWTO we will give you the best ideas on how to combine gray pants .

How to wear light gray pants for women

Surely you have noticed that many celebrities and bloggers of the moment use gray pants as a base garment in some of their poses. And, combining the gray color in women’s clothing will always accentuate those garments or accessories that you want to highlight from your outfit. If you want to learn how to combine light gray pants for women, follow some of our recommendations:

  1. Neutral colors for an elegant nuance: neutral tones like white, black or even beige are ideal if you want to create an outfit that is as elegant as it is contemporary without being fanciful. A simple cotton t-shirt or a linen shirt combined with gray trousers of the same fabric, can become one of your favorite summer outfits.
  2. Sets with a touch of colors: we recommend that you always use shades that are not too dark, as an excess of these colors could unbalance the balance that combining gray in women’s clothing brings. The soft colors, both warm and cold, are ideal for a sweet or spring look and even for summer days. If you like warm tones, a garment in pastel yellow, dusty pink or even nude, they will combine perfectly with gray jeans. If, on the other hand, you prefer blue, light blue (especially if it is a blouse or shirt) is a very good option.
  3. Bet on a “total look” in gray: combining your light gray women’s trousers with a gray sweater or top of the same color or, even, with a steel gray, is always a wise and very elegant decision.
  4. Combine with metallic colorsmetallic colors are not exactly the easiest to combine, but accompanied by a white in the form of a shirt or blouse, they go perfectly. A light gray women’s trousers that are denim with a vest in gold or silver tones combined with a t-shirt or shirt with puff sleeves, will give your image a bohemian and very chic style. You can also choose to combine light gray metallic pants with a white shirt, sweater or blouse or other soft colors such as pale pink.

How to wear dark gray pants

As you may have deduced, whenever you wear light gray pants for women, it is recommended not to combine them with too dark or intense colors. However, in the case of dark gray, things change. To combine dark gray pants, all you have to do is follow a dress-code in which elegance and a pinch of daring go hand in hand:

  1. Formal and sober look: as with light gray, when combining gray in women’s clothing, neutral colors are still the best. Combining dark gray pants with a white shirt or a black sweater and also adding a biker jacket or a tuxedo-type jacket, meet any type of event that requires a minimum of etiquette.
  2. Elegant and varied look with dark tones: the dark gray pants sets are also very flattering when we use dark cold tones such as electric blue, aborigine or even purple. Moss green is also a very interesting color when combined with dark gray pants in the fall season.
  3. Look with a modern and groundbreaking touch: if you want to give your outfit this touch, the warm colors that will suit it best are: curry, mustard and even the red “oxblood”. We recommend that you combine these types of colors with rich and elegant fabrics such as wool, corduroy or velvet.

How to wear gray pants for men

Now that you know how to combine gray pants for women, let’s see how to combine this garment of the same color but in men. And it is that today, men also want to provide their dressing room with colors and garments that allow them both to be fashionable and to achieve a personal and unique style. If you have any gray pants in your closet and you want to get the most out of it, we suggest the following combinations:

  1. White and Black: black and white never disappoint when accompanied by gray pants. A black jacket with a white shirt or t-shirt is a proposal that can be elegant and also modern. If you dare and the weather is good, you can go for a leather jacket with a white cotton t-shirt.
  2. Bet on black: a black t-shirt or a polo shirt of the same color will make your outfit work for both day and night.
  3. Or for white: if you wonder how to combine gray pants, you should know that black and white are options that reign. The tandem camel or dark jacket, white t-shirt and gray pants will not leave anyone indifferent, because you will be elegance personified.
  4. Gray as a total look: this option is ideal if you combine garments of the same shade of gray or if the top part is a slightly lighter shade. Remember the importance of color balance and try to ensure that the range of grays you use belongs to a similar palette.
  5. The most elegant pair: the most elegant pair of colors that you can bet on are camel and gray, as they always bring a touch of distinction. Combining a camel or light brown polo shirt or sweater with gray chinos is a good idea. Similarly, wearing a camel coat over a gray jacket and pants set in winter will give you a modern and cosmopolitan air.
  6. Indispensable for work: a color like navy blue always conveys elegance. If we add a gray to this, the result is outstanding. And what about the elegant look for work? You should know that a blue shirt combined with gray suit pants is essential for any office look. Blue in its light blue version is also very suitable when it is used to go to work or when you want to give an outfit a certain formality. 
  7. The best options for winter: an aborigine-toned sweater to wear in winter or a t-shirt of the same color with steel gray pants, they are the fashionable couple. If you like intense tones, garnet goes equally well with dark gray, especially in winter and fall.
  8. Winning combination: petroleum blue coordinated with gray has become a perfect option for many men who wonder how to combine gray pants without falling into the traditional. A knitted sweater in said blue combined with lead gray skinny pants will bring a new look to your wardrobe.
  9. Prints: if you like prints or squares, we recommend that you use them with measure so as not to overload your look. A plaid shirt that combines gray, white, black and even blue, will go perfectly with gray jeans.


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