How to wear floral leggings


The floral leggings are gaining followers all over the world and it is that they give a feminine, informal and fun look to winter looks. But combining them is not always an easy task because their colorful pattern can be a headache when it comes to knowing what to combine it with.

How to wear floral leggings

Here we give you some ideas so that you know how to combine floral leggings and you can dress them with different looks and for very different moments.

A casual look combined with basics

If you want to know how to combine floral leggings to create an informal look perfect for going for a walk around your city or having a coffee with friends, you should do it with a basic shirt in neutral colors: white, black or grayish.

You can accompany this outfit with camel-colored wedge shoes or, if you want to give it a more elegant and formal touch, dress with stiletto shoes that will give you a “neat but informal” appearance.

Combine it with black

To get a more sophisticated outfit with flower leggings, you can combine this accessory with black shades: a black dress, a maxi shirt also in black or a black blouse. If you combine the top with some boots or shoes in black you will give an elegant touch to your look.

To break with the dark tone that you have given to your look, it is best to choose a bag in another color: it can be cream or bright colors that will give you a more jovial and fun touch.

Floral leggings with blazers

Who said that leggings were only casual clothes? You can combine floral leggings with black blazers to give your outfit a formal and elegant look. The key is that the leggings chosen have dark tones to match the jacket.

It is recommended that the upper part of the clothing be in light colors such as white, gray or camel to match the hue of your outfit. If you want to give your look a transgressive and sexy touch, you can wear high and colorful shoes that will break with the sobriety of the style without sacrificing elegance.

Floral leggings with denim jacket

Two trends united to create a rebellious and groundbreaking look: denim jackets combined with floral leggings. This outfit is perfect to show a more rocker and different appearance: combine your look with a black shirt or blouse and boots with buckles and the result will be aggressive as well as sexy. Test it!


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