How to wear flared pants


Rescue bell-bottoms from your wardrobe because they are back in fashion. After skinny pants were king for several seasons, now is the time to return to show off legs with more accentuated shapes thanks to flared pants. In this article we are going to give you a series of ideas that will show you how to combine flared trousers and thus get on the fashion bandwagon in the most “in” way possible.

How to wear flared pants

Steps to follow:

One of the most retro ways to combine flare pants is to do it with a patterned shirt made with a light and fresh material. In this way, you will be able to give your image a totally fashionable touch, highlighting your good taste and, of course, your stylized figure. The trick to dressing it in a feminine way is that you wear the shirt inside your pants, thus, drawing your figure and marking your shapes.

To give yourself a more stylized look, you cannot forget about your heels or wedges that will make your body appear taller and, therefore, slimmer.

Now, if you want to highlight you’re sexier and suggestive side, you can combine your bell bottoms with a light and short shirt or blouse that reveals your navel or the back of your back. In this way you get a careless and natural look but giving a sensual touch to your image with which you will be spectacular. This would be a boho chic way to combine pants of this style as it reinforces the hippie part with the female body, highlighting its natural sensuality.

On colder days, you can also find your ideal look for flare pants as it is a very versatile garment. In the attached image you can see different ways to combine this piece of clothing but, if you look closely, in all of them we opted for maxi-shirts or maxi-jerseys that manage to stylize your figure and give it a very bohemian and current look.

A very urban and chic way to make a look with bell bottoms is to opt for a more sober and elegant combination (which can perfectly be achieved with more sophisticated tones such as black, as you can see in the image) adding typical accessories of the big city like dandy hats or handbags that are smaller and more elegant.

If you are looking for a slightly sweeter style, a good way to combine these pants is to use lighter shades that match each other and endow your look with feminine accessories and typically 70s such as the wide-brimmed hat that you can see in the image, the fringed vest or a maxi bag that will give the final touch to your style.

But if you are passionate about the boho chic look and want to highlight that part of you that is more feminine, natural and spontaneous, a good way to combine your bell bottoms is with garments that have ethnic or floral prints. As this fashion style lavishes, you cannot ignore the accessories and jewelry that will give that hippie touch to your sexy look.

A very modern way of wearing flared pants is to combine them with a printed or plain vest that combines with the rest of your clothing. As you can see in the attached image, this type of garment can get you to have a seventies appearance but, at the same time, very current when dressing with wedges that will stylize your figure and achieve a very sensual and fashionable look. In this article we tell you how to combine a fringed vest.


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