How to wear boyfriend jeans


Can’t resist boyfriend jeans? These jeans are known by this name because it’s like taking your boyfriend’s first jeans and putting them on. Thus, the main characteristics of this garment is that it is loose, that the waist is low and that the leg is wide; In addition, it is also very fashionable that they are torn or that they present some ripped in the part of the thigh or the knees, it is the most sexy and feminine. They have been one of the most popular outfits in casual looks for several seasons now and, therefore, in this article we are going to tell you how to combine a boyfriend jean so that you know all the uses that you can give to this fashionable garment.

How to wear boyfriend jeans

Steps to follow:

The first thing we have to bear in mind is that boyfriend jeans are a very masculine type of jeans that do not fit or stylize the woman’s body at all, so in order to get the most out of this piece, what we have to do is to accompany it with more feminine elements that highlight that part of ourselves.

For this reason, in this first look you can see how these jeans are combined with a maxi bag, very thin wedge sandals and a blouse with a striking color that is also very feminine. As a final touch, leave your hair down so that the resulting look is sexy and very fashionable.

Another way to combine boyfriend jeans is to get a rocker look, as you can see in the image. What we do is counteract the masculinity of jeans by unstitching them at the knees or thighs to reveal part of the skin for a sexier effect.

Then, you will have to dress with a basic shirt but trying to have a pronounced neckline so that, thus, your femininity stands out. The shoes are simple sports shoes since the final culmination for this look is the leather jacket that you will wear as a final touch. You should also use a maxi bag and some accessories such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets, thus, you will be able to highlight your most womanly part.

Now we totally change our style and we are going to propose you a look with boyfriend jeans perfect for the most sophisticated events such as dinners, meetings or parties. Although it may seem impossible, the truth is that this jean is perfectly suited to this type of event since, thanks to the accessories that accompany it, you will be able to counteract the informality of the garment and give it an elegant touch.

To do so, as we have said, it will be enough for you to hit the accessories or the rest of the garments of your look. So, the top or shirt that you wear should be the most exquisite and that will give you that sophisticated touch. Later, we will continue with a small handbag, the typical one that you take to parties.

And finally, there is nothing better than high heels that stand out. In the image that we show you, you can see how the girl has chosen some that are red so that they stand out from the rest of the clothes, you can choose some like this or, if you want, you can choose some track-soles, one of the most fashionable shoes out there today.

Another way to combine these jeans is creating a casual look but giving it a more feminine and sexy touch to your style. To do this, we are going to opt for other of the most fashionable garments that are currently such as checkered shirts and, later, put on a basic t-shirt that is fitted and that marks your shapes. If you can, get one that is open at the armhole so that your bra can be seen, you will be irresistible!

As a final touch, you should wear high-heeled shoes that will stylize your figure and make the resulting combination spectacular. The hairstyle chooses to wear the hair down or with a semi-collected because, in this way, you will be able to highlight your most feminine side.

And finally, we are going to propose a union of a more casual look with a more elegant one since, thanks to boyfriend jeans, you can play with the limits of the formal and informal, achieving a very flattering result.

In the look that we propose below, you will have to wear a sweater or basic shirt in a neutral color, put on a blazer or jacket that will give it a touch of the most elegant and then accompany you with some heels. But to counteract that elegant air, we will use a most informal garment: a hat. This way you will get a perfect mix for any event.


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