How to wear blue shoes


You see a pair of blue shoes that you love and can’t resist the urge to buy them; when you already have them, the eternal question arises: what can I combine blue shoes with? Do not worry! The truth is that there are infinite options when it comes to wearing shoes in this color, so we want to explain in detail how to combine blue shoes.

How to wear blue shoes

Total black and blue shoes

Although not very risky, the bet of the total black look with blue shoes is one of the safest. And is that black, in addition to combining with almost all colors, is capable of bringing sobriety and elegance to any style, so that you can choose any black garment to combine with your pair of blue shoes: dress, pants, jumpsuit, skirt and blouse … whatever you prefer!

White and blue

Opposite to the previous outfit, we also suggest combining your blue shoes with white garments to achieve a great contrast. However, we recommend that you save this combination for the summer months, when your skin will be tan and you will look brown.

You can also include some other blue accessory such as the bag, a belt or hair accessories, but always make sure that it is the same tone.

Blue shoes with jeans

You can also use your blue shoes for everyday looks, it will only be necessary to put them on with a good pair of jeans. And is that jeans of any tonality, style, cut, etc. They will be perfect with blue shoes, be they heart attack heels or flat sandals.

Nude & blue

And if what you are looking for is that your blue shoes are the authentic and only protagonists of the look, the nude color will be ideal, since the neutral tones will make the eyes focus on the intense blue. This will also be an outfit where you can play with the rest of the accessories of the same hue.

Blue shoes with red tones

In case you want to opt for a more daring bet, you can choose to combine blue shoes with warm-toned garments, such as coral or orange tones. While it may be too reckless to combine intense blue with passion red, other more muted tones do fit.

Other options to combine blue shoes

Do not think that these are the only options when it comes to wearing a pair of blue shoes, you can also choose to combine them with colored garments:

  • Aqua or aqua green
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • pink stick
  • Animal Print
  • Floral prints


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