How to wear black leather pants – the best ideas


If until a few years ago the favorite garment of women during the cold were jeans or popularly known as jeans, now the trend that is so sweeping both on the street and on different catwalks are leather garments, especially black leather pants . Black leather pants are a highly recommended bet, since it is a fairly versatile and comfortable garment that you can wear daily to work, to go to a formal event or even to a date with your partner or your friends. However, even if it is an easy-to-wear set, it is quite common for many women to wonder with what type of garments they can combine this type of pants.

How to wear black leather pants - the best ideas

As with other types of clothing, to show off your pants properly it will be quite useful to know what clothes will or will not look good with them. For this reason, in the following article we explain how to combine black leather pants so that you can wear a perfect look.

How to combine your black leather pants for a casual look

The leather or synthetic leather pants that simulate this fabric is one of the most popular trends this season due to its flexibility, which makes it a garment for both day-to-day and partying. It all depends on the rest of the clothes you use to combine these types of pants. In case you want to use your leather pants for a casual look, that is, to wear them to go to university or to go to work, we recommend that you combine them with some of the following garments:

  • Long trench coat or trench coat: a coat in brown tones, such as beige, that reaches the height of the knees combined with skinny leather pants is a very chic and feminine bet to wear daily.
  • High neck sweater: knitwear with a closed neckline or high neck is a basic that can never be missing in a wardrobe. To create a casual look, choose solid colors like gray or emerald green, or trendy prints like floral patterns or horizontal stripes.
  • Military Jacket: For a look daily but more urban and trendy, we can combine a skinny leather coat combat or military print. You can choose between the classic fabric and solid colors like dark green or khaki. Finally, choose a platform shoe if you want a totally it style.
  • Basic t-shirt with text: the classic basic t-shirt has evolved and is now among the most worn garments due to the different drawings and texts that can be worn. Combine this garment with either ankle-length leather pants or black leather shorts.

Combine your black leather pants for casual events

We have already seen that depending on the garments we choose, leather pants are a valid option for daily use. However, if what you are looking for is to use them for an informal outing like going to the movies or having dinner with your partner or friends, here are 4 different looks with your favorite pants with which you will look splendid:

  1. Oversized blazer + high-waisted ankle trousers: XL blazers are a safe bet for a sophisticated and modern look to go on a date without looking too classic. Choose some high-waisted anklets and combine them either with a plain blazer in pastel tones or with trendy prints such as Prince of Wales checks or floral designs.
  2. Denim shirt + leather shorts: Another very successful style for an informal meeting with your friends is to combine your leather shorts or shorts with a light blue denim shirt tucked inside. Complement this look with black tights and high-heeled ankle boots.
  3. Velvet sweater + skinny pants: velvet has also been one of the most popular trends during these months. Pair your leather pants with a turtleneck in emerald green or burgundy velvet for a very feminine and attractive look.
  4. Embroidered denim jacket + leather effect leggings: as with T-shirts with texts, we can currently find in any store an endless number of jeans with different embroidery. Choose the one you like the most and combine it with your leather effect leggings for an urban and chic look.

How to combine your leather pants to go out to party

If you want to go perfect with your leather pants to go out to party with your friends or to go to any formal event, choose one of the following garments:

  • Biker jacket: if you are looking for a daring and groundbreaking look, we recommend a total leather outfit. To do this, choose a black leather jacket and combine it with high-waisted skinny jeans. Lastly, complement this look with high-heeled sandals in bold shades like electric blue or bright pink.
  • Long floral kimono: for a striking but more natural and feminine style, the kimono will be your best ally. In this article we recommend a long one with floral motifs with black leather pants.
  • Top bralette: Another way to look sensual and feminine lingerie is tops combine with a very high – waisted ankle. Also, to give it a more formal touch, you can complement this look with an XL blazer.
  • Fur coat : for those girls who want to look spectacular and formal but without having to be cold, the best bet are fur coats in a dark blue tone or with animal print patterns such as leopard combined with leather effect leggings or skinny jeans. Leather.


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