How to wear and combine a bralette – the best outfits


Still don’t know what a bralette is? We are talking about the feminine garment of the moment, a new type of non-wired bra that is designed to provide comfort to women, but also great sensuality, because unlike conventional bras, it is made to be taught. Today, it is the real king of women’s lingerie and it can give our outfits a more feminine and sensual touch. We can wear it under blouses, t-shirts, shirts showing it subtly or we can also wear it as if it were a top combining it with high-waisted pants or skirts. If you want to get one of them and you don’t really know how to take advantage of it, don’t worry, in this article we give you all the keys you should know to use and combine a bralette, don’t miss the following outfits!

How to wear and combine a bralette - the best outfits

What is a bralette

The bralette is a very sexy and beautiful feminine garment that has emerged from the fusion between the common basier and the crop top and is made mainly of soft fabrics, lace or elastic microfibers. We can say that it is a new style of non-wired bra that is made to be taught and not to be hidden under clothing unlike conventional bras.

Despite not having underwire, the bralette is a garment that provides comfort, security and, above all, a lot of comfort. It is ideal to give a very trendy touch to our daily outfits and offers us the possibility of combining it in many different ways, since we can wear it showing it just a little, under a shirt, sweater or dress, or turn it into one of the main garments of our looks wearing it as a crop top. Although at first, it may seem that it is only designed for women with small and firm breasts, the truth is that the infinite possibilities we have to combine it, make it a garment that we can all wear regardless of our figure. The most important thing is that we choose a bralette in our size and combine it in the way that suits us best and with which we feel totally safe and comfortable.

Pay close attention to what comes next because we discover the best ways to combine a bralette to be trendy.

Bralette with loose-fitting tops or tops

One of the safe bets when using and combining a bralette is to wear it with those looser t-shirts, shirts or blouses that we have in our closet.

The possibilities are many, you can combine it with sleeveless tank tops that are a bit too large so that the bralette can be seen from the sides, put it under a shirt and unbutton the neckline buttons or wear it under a loose-fitting shirt with a neckline so that it is visible slightly across the chest and shoulders. With these outfits, you will be fashionable, comfortable and very fresh.

Bralette with V-neck sweaters

The bralette can be used to give a much more sexy and chic touch to your classic winter sweaters. With this combination, you can wear this new underwear also in winter.

But, how to wear the bralette with pullovers? To make it look, it is best to wear it under sweaters that have a V-neckline, so the bralette will be visible in a subtle and suggestive way above your shoulder or along the neckline.

Wear it like a crop top

There are models of bralette with lace that have a little more body and are lower than the beginning of the ribs, being a very good option to wear them alone as a crop top. This is the best way to turn this new garment into the real star of your look.

You can combine it with many garments, but there is a basic rule when it comes to wearing crop tops that you must take into account: always combine it with high -waisted pants or skirts, avoiding those with a very low waist. Our favorite combinations are with a maxi skirt or high-waisted pants, be it a jean, a cropped, a palazzo, etc.

Bralette with low-cut dresses

Do you have a dress with a bare back? This type of low-cut dresses are ideal to combine with a bralette.

With an outfit like this, you will be able to stylize the back of your figure much more and if the dress you are wearing also has a little flare on the skirt, your body will be much more enhanced.

Bralette with transparent tops

The bralette is perfect for him to wear with the transparent tops that are now so fashionable. If you had given up on them because you feel too exposed with this type of garment, now you can put on a nice bralette underneath and show off your look in complete safety and comfort.

You can choose a bralette in the same color as the transparent blouse so that it seems like it is part of your look or, on the contrary, wear one of another tone to create contrast.

Bib bralette

Overalls are a trend and are becoming one of the it girls’ favorite garments to wear casual and urban looks. And now, it is very fashionable to wear a bralette under them instead of wearing them with the traditional t-shirts.

The most successful models are the jean dungarees, whether short or long, so do not hesitate to get one of them and combine the bralette in this way to have a very chic urban style.


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