How to wear a red dress


If you are one of the women who are passionate about the color red, a strong and feminine color, you should know how to get the most out of it. For this reason, in the following article we give you the necessary keys to learn how to combine a red dress. Find the shoes, bags, accessories and accessories that best suit you and your way of being. With a red dress you can become a fame fatale, a sexy woman or be elegant, classic and sophisticated. Make the most of your red dress and learn how to combine it properly.

How to wear a red dress

How to wear a red dress: shoes

Not all shades and types of shoes can match a red dress. The most recommended colors are black, gold, silver and red itself. A patterned shoe can also be a good option if you are more daring. However, and although everyone can coordinate with a red dress, you should take into account the occasion in which you will wear the garment.

  • Going out to party: if you want to spend a night dancing or have been invited to go out or go to a party, it is best to opt for more daring shoes. The print animal print – very trendy – will make your look is sexy and extreme.
  • Elegance: for a meeting or an official event, you must exploit your elegance and sophistication. The raw or nude colors, as well as black will give you the subtlety you need on this type of occasion.

It is not advisable to combine a red dress with blue, green or brown colors. They don’t usually look good with reddish tones. In case of doubts it is better to think about the complements and accessories with which you will give the icing to your model in order to think about the right shoes

How to wear a red dress: bag

Bags are, along with shoes and accessories, a basic complement when it comes to properly combining a red dress. If your garment is plain, a printed bag will give a fun and extreme touch to the look. However, the colored be a powerful and alive, we recommend you opt for a small bag – preferably hand – to not take one iota of leadership to your dress. As for the colors, you must follow the line of the shoes: black, gold, silver or ecru will be the perfect tones to show off the dress. Remember to always try to combine shoes and bag.

How to wear a red dress: accessories

The belts are a good accessory that can give a unique and personal touch to any look. If it is about combining a red dress you can get different styles with a single dress. Remember to follow the tones mentioned previously when choosing the belt. The jewels are other accessories that should never miss in a model. However, with a red dress it is best not to give much prominence to the jewels, since the color should have all the prominence. Thus, we recommend you to opt for small jewels in reddish tones -with stones- gold or silver.


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