How to wear a poncho


Do you have a poncho in your closet and you don’t know how to take advantage of it? It is one of the fashionable garments but its shape and color can make it difficult to get right when choosing your look. In this article we are going to tell you how to combine a poncho so that you learn to dress it both when you wear casual clothes and when you want a more sexy and feminine style. With maxi boots, with miniskirts or with jeans, there are many combinations that you can give to your poncho and we will discover them below.

How to wear a poncho

Steps to follow:

If you like the casual look, the best way you can combine your poncho is with tight skinny jeans and high heels. With this look you will achieve a very feminine and sexy appearance, making the most of one of the fashionable clothes. So that your clothing does not look too overloaded, we recommend that you carry a small handbag since, if you wear it hanging, it can spoil the shape of the poncho and make it look strange on your body

Another ideal accessory for the poncho is the hat. It will give a more urban and very fashionable touch to your look, in addition to highlighting your beauty. In the attached image you can see a Pamela style hat but you can choose the one you like the most since the squarest hats, dandy type, will also fit perfectly with this style.

The maxibotas are also one of the items that best combine with a poncho. The reason is that they refine and stylize the legs so if you are a woman with thick legs, with these boots you will make them look thinner and, therefore, that your poncho look looks great. In addition, this type of boot also manages to give a sexy and feminine touch to the style and can be combined with jeans or pants of different colors.

Another possible combination with maxi boots and poncho is the one we propose below. It is about wearing a shorts or a short jumpsuit that leaves the upper part of the thigh bare, in this way, you emphasize that area of ​​the body so sexy and get a very fashionable and spectacular look. If you are cold, choose to wear flesh-colored stockings that will expose your skin but without letting the cold creep in.

If the poncho you have at home is long enough to be worn as a dress, you cannot miss the occasion of dressing it up without anything else. The result, as you can see in the image, is perfect and very feminine. If you like the ethnic style, you can try combining it with fringed boots, for example, and a long necklace.

If you are cold, try wearing transparent or flesh-colored stockings to give the sensual look but without the cold creeping through your body. You will be total!

The women thinner and stylized can try this other outfit with poncho that will give them a very feminine and modern touch. It is about wearing a short skirt that is, above the knees and above the poncho, making sure that the skirt is visible. We say that it is a suitable combination for thin girls, basically, because if you are thick this type of clothing will make it wider and, therefore, you will not like it.

Of course: if you want to dress like this, we advise you to wear maxi boots to get your legs stylized and make you look thinner. The bag you carry always has to be a handbag because, if you hang it over your shoulder, it can deform the poncho and make it look weird.


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