How to wear a Panama hat


This hat is originally from Ecuador but it became famous worldwide when the Panama Canal was built, since the thousands of workers who worked there used it: that’s where the name comes from. If you are looking for a hat to match all your clothes, think about the Panama hat. It is a type of garment that combines with most clothing items, it is very easily found in physical stores or on the internet and it also looks very good. Try these looks that we propose from and learn how to combine a Panama hat in a simple way.

How to wear a Panama hat

Steps to follow:

First of all, before buying this hat you should think about what color you want it because this will give you the guideline for your looks later. It is always recommended to choose a white one because it combines with all the clothes and gives you a very fresh air. However, if you want and can, buy some more to be able to combine them with more clothes with a touch of color on the head.

The advantage of this type of hat is that it can be used on many occasions and in many contexts of our life. For example, if we want a comfortable and urban, city look, it is a perfect complement. You can combine it with skinny jeans, a black shirt and flats sandals of the same color as the hat or the shirt, to your liking.

If it is not summer and you need something warmer, you can get a sweater of the color you want but not with much stridency, that is, plain or with little print. For example, how about a blue sweater with small white dots? Add a cross body bag in the same color as the shoes, and you’re good to go!

Let’s go for another look. If you want to go to the beach, this hat will be very useful: apart from adding a chic touch to your look, the most important thing is that it will protect you from the sun and its damaging effects, as well as help you avoid blows heat or dizziness.

¿ How to wear a Panama hat in this case? Very easy, with a short jeans and a ‘ casual ‘ style T-shirt, that is, do not fix anything: what we commonly call a thrown shirt. Take your best flip flops and if they are the same color as the maxi bag or basket that you are going to take, even better!

Do you want to go to the office with a Panama hat? Do not hesitate to do it because if you choose the right look, you can go very elegant. Combine the hat with tight skinny jeans, a shirt and a black or navy blue blazer and wear heels in the same color as the hat. You will dazzle.

For men, the Panama hat is also a good complement but it must be taken into account that, for example, for the office it does not usually combine well. Perfect for the beach: grab a shirt in a neutral color, fine cotton pants, flip-flops tied at the ankle, and sunglasses.


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