How to wear a lace vest


Do you have a lace vest and you don’t know how to put it on? This outfit is one of the garments of the season and, above all, they are usually worn in times of heat and good weather. It is a complement that can make your look much more modern and current but it is important to know what to combine it with so that the result is ideal. In this article we are going to tell you how to wear a lace vest so that you can see the many options that you can get with this fashion accessory.

How to wear a lace vest

Steps to follow:

Lately , hipster fashion is very much in vogue , that is, a type of aesthetic that recovers some vintage or retro garments, that is, old ones, and mixes them with others much more current, thus achieving a renewed style in which the past and the present go hand in hand. If you like this aesthetic, one of the ways in which you can wear a lace vest is the one shown in the attached image and that complies 100% with the hipster premises.

The idea is that you wear shorts or jeans that are high, raised to the waist and complement them with a basic shirt that, obviously, should be tucked inside the pants and, covering it, our lace vest. To give that hipster touch even more, you can wear round and large glasses (sunglasses or eyewear) and a hat as the girl in the image is wearing. You will be total.

One of the trends that has been going strong this season are maxi garments, that is, garments that are larger than normal. In this sense, the lace vests are also in their maxi version and, in fact, they are much more modern and current than the rest. So if you want to be completely fashionable, you cannot stop having this accessory in your closet.

To be able to wear this type of maxi vest, you just have to dress in a usual look in which you combine our skinny pants with a basic t-shirt and cover your clothes with this long vest. You should avoid that the garments you choose have drawings or letters because the fabric of the accessory will already break with the homogeneity of your look. Then you can add the extra accessories you want: hats, belts, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

The rocker style continues to go strong as it configures the image of a sexy, daring woman with a great personality. Thus, if you are passionate about this look, you can take advantage of your lace vest to increase that different and modern appearance of yourself.

The best thing is that you add one of these vests to a total black outfit, always trying to make it of another color because that is how you will make it stand out more. If you want a more sexy touch, you can wear, instead of a walking T-shirt, a crop top with which you show your navel and show your body.

You can also complement your look with some biker boots or, if you dare, with maxi boots that will give a totally sexy and groundbreaking touch to your image. Then you can add the accessories that you like the most, although, in general, it is recommended that they be made of leather or silver to go more appropriately with your style.

Dresses are also ideal to complement with a lace vest but you should always ensure that they are completely smooth so that the vest stands out above all else. This look will give you a more hippie or boho chic touch because the image you project is sweeter, more sensual and very feminine.

You can choose the dress you want, as long as it is plain and in one color. Then you just have to put the vest on top and equip your look with accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hats, etc. You will be beautiful.

But if what you want is to dress with a more cowboy touch, in the purest cowgirl style, the lace vest is also perfect for you. Of course: we are going to propose a somewhat daring idea but that will make you look super sexy and feminine.

The best thing to achieve a look like this is to put on shorts, then put on some high boots or even maxi boots and, to finish, you will only have to put on the lace vest. Yes, yes: just the vest. For this, you will have to wear a bra or top in a color that stands out underneath and, above all, that the vest can be closed so as not to go completely naked.

If you don’t dare so much, you can put on a crop top or a basic tank top and that’s it. The cowboy touch will also be given by the boots, the bag (if it can be fringed, better) and the jeans. People will hallucinate with your style for sure!


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