How to wear a fringed vest


The vests fringes are a trend this year and are a perfect complement to make your look more modern and hip. However, it depends on how you combine the fringed vest you can wear one style or another: from an urban look to a more hippie look.

How to wear a fringed vest

Here we want to explain how to combine a fringed vest so that you can show off your fashionable garment to the fullest. Which one do you prefer?

Urban look with fringed vest
The fringed vests can be a perfect complement to give your look a modern and urban air. To combine a fringed vest and create an ideal look for going to the city, it is advisable to wear jeans and a basic T-shirt of any color. You can also add a hat to your look that will give it a unique and very personal touch.
Footwear for this look is recommended to be one comfortable keeping with the style we have chosen: adding some flat shoes or sneakers get a look urban and very contemporary.

More rocker with fringed vest
The vests fringes can be of different colors from brown through black. If you want to have a rocker look, you can incorporate a dark fringed vest that goes over a dark piece of clothing: it can be a dress or a T-shirt.
If you choose to wear a T-shirt, the bottom of your rocker look can be made up of leather pants or worn denim shorts that will increase your rogue look.
What makes a look rock are the accessories: add metallic necklaces, bracelets and rings to your outfit that will give a more aggressive touch to your appearance.

Feminine look with fringed vest

If you are a conceited girl and you want to know how to combine a fringed vest to create a feminine look, you should bear in mind that you can use a vest that has different prints: the floral print will be ideal to give a unique touch to your style.
Combines fringed vest with a black T – shirt and jeans or casual pants and you’re wearing a look feminine but very current. Add to your outfit some thin-heeled shoes that will give it a feminine and elegant look and paint your lips red. You will be irresistible!
The hippie fringed vest
If you are passionate about hippie fashion, the fringed vest trend is sure to love you. And it is that this ethnic fashion was widely used in the 60s by hippie women who believed in a world of peace and love.
To combine a fringed vest and wear a hippie outfit, we suggest you pair it with flared trousers and cowboy boots or platform shoes. ? If you prefer, you can combine the fringed vest with a long Ibiza-style dress that will also make your look hippie and summery.
Add to your clothing floral accessories that will give it that hippie look: floral crowns, jewelry inspired by nature, flower prints, etc.


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