How to wear a crop top


Among the trends for the summer season there is one that has taken center stage and this is the so-called crop top. This garment that reveals part of the abdomen can be seen in all clothing brands and it is strange if you have not yet included one in your closet. Although it can be very flattering, the crop top is also risky and if we do not know how to combine it well it is possible to achieve the opposite effect and wear a very unflattering look. Do not miss the tips in this article in which we tell you how to wear a crop top and be fashionable.

How to wear a crop top

Basic rule to wear crop top

If you want to look spectacular with a crop top there is a golden rule that you should not overlook: never combine it with pants or low-rise skirts, the ideal is to leave only the upper part of the abdomen in view and hide the navel. How to do it? Well, wearing it with high-waisted bottoms, find out in the following looks.

Crop top + floaty pants

A very flattering combination for summer days is to wear a crop top with floaty pants. These are fine fabric pants, very cool and that you can find both in solid colors and in trendy prints. As you can see in the image, the pants of this high-waisted style look great with a crop top, either with straps or short sleeves.

Crop top + long skirts

Another must of this season and that we love are the maxi skirts. Try combining your crop top with a long skirt and you will get a very feminine and attractive look. Choose those models that are at the waist so that the complete styling is successful and in addition to this, your figure will look much more stylized. Do not forget to complete your outfit with a beautiful necklace and you will end up being perfect.

Crop top + short skirts

If you want to combine the crop top with a short skirt, prefer those with a high waist and a slight flare at the bottom. Remember that the crop top is already a short garment in itself and that to look good, we must take into account the proportion and not combine two extra short and narrow garments at the same time. The fashionable midi skirts are also a great option to wear together with a crop top.

Crop top + high shorts

The same happens with shorts. We already know that they are a garment that is not missing in any girl’s summer wardrobe and, therefore, if you are going to combine them with a crop top, it is best to do it with high-waisted shorts. Now you can find shorts in denim, vaporous, printed, plain, etc., and an endless number of models with which you can create incredible outfits.


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