How to wear a coral dress


The coral is one of the showiest colors that have become fashionable in recent times but sometimes we doubt arise about combining coral with things we have in our closet. Do not worry. Finding what to wear coral is very easy! Take note, because here we explain how to combine a coral dress.

How to wear a coral dress

Steps to follow:

On some occasions, such as summer holidays, all you need to combine a coral dress is a good pair of shoes. If you wonder what shoes I wear with a coral dress, you should know that nude, gold, black or – for the riskiest – aquamarine are some of the best answers.

The rest of the accessories will depend on the style of the dress. Remember that for shoes you must take into account the occasion or the length of the dress

Whatever you choose in jackets or accessories, one of the best colors to combine with coral is the coral itself. You can opt for a total look in that color, giving touches of coral to makeup or accessories.

If not, coral goes very well with shades of beige. Beige is a neutral color that will not overshadow the protagonist of your outfit, your coral dress.

Other colors that combine with the color are aqua green, fuchsia or purple. These colors are also very trendy and allow very daring combinations.

The basic colors like white or black are always options to tread on insurance.

If you want to give your coral dress a more casual style, you can also mix it with denim. A denim jacket will make your dress look much more modern and your look more youthful.

And in terms of accessories, a good solution on how to combine a coral dress is to opt for gold.


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