How to wear a button skirt


One of the trends most in season are skirts with buttons, a garment reminiscent of the 70s when the bell began to wear miniskirts. Now, in the XXI century, this totally renewed piece returns to configure a woman with retro airs but very feminine and in the latest fashion. If you already have a skirt of this type in your closet but you have not just found the perfect look, in this article we will help you because we will give you some ideas that will show you how to combine a skirt with buttons so that you can squeeze the possibilities of your garment to the fullest!

How to wear a button skirt

A wide blouse for the button skirt

A perfect way to wear a skirt with buttons is to wear a wide and volatile blouse, in the purest Ibizan style; this idea is perfect for times of good weather since the look you get is very casual and summery. To be able to mark your figure with this look, you will only have to put the front part of the blouse inside the skirt and let the rest fall naturally on your body.

The best combination for this summer look are sandals, sunglasses and long wavy hair, thus, you will totally give an Ibizan or Californian image, that is to say: very sexy and feminine.

Crop top for a skirt with buttons

But if you want a more hipster image and follow current fashion, it is best to combine a button skirt with a crop top, that is, a wide T-shirt that shows part of your belly. It is also a very current garment that is part of the fashion of the 70s so it is perfect to complement your look with a more retro air.

And to complement this look, it is best to combine it with track soles, fashionable footwear, shoes with a wide platform or with very wide heels. Make sure your hairstyle is casual to get a jovial and perfect image.

T-shirt inside for skirt with buttons

But to mark your curves like the women of the seventies did, there is nothing better than wearing this skirt with a t-shirt tucked inside like the one in the photo. Think that the tighter it is, the better because you will be able to outline your waist and, thus, highlight your feminine curves. Think that these skirts usually have a flared finish, as you can see in the attached image, therefore, if you wear a narrow shirt you will be able to outline your body as much as possible.

For footwear, you can choose ankle boots that match the color of the skirt or, if it is denim, with the color of the shirt or, if you prefer, you can wear high heels or boots.

Maxi boots for the skirt with buttons

In the look that we propose below, we will focus mainly on footwear since it is the most prominent element of the clothing. You will have to accompany your button-down skirt with maxi boots to show your sexiest and most feminine side.

Think that this type of shoe configures a daring and very sensual woman, for that reason, we recommend that you do not go too far with the rest of your clothes but instead choose to wear a shirt without neckline or with a high neck (as you see in the image).

Men’s shirt and skirt with buttons

Currently, the configuration of a woman with masculine garments is also very in vogue , for that reason, we see many haute couture firms that propose looks with men’s blazers, wide and long shirts, bow ties for women, and so on. Well, this fashion trend can also be applied to buttoned skirts since it is an ideal garment to accompany it with a men’s shirt.

Of course: although we dress in men’s clothing, we have to mark our feminine silhouette, therefore, the proposal is that you tuck the shirt inside the skirt and, thus, outline your silhouette, revealing your curves. Another tip that will help you highlight your femininity is to unbutton the shirt buttons, elegantly hinting at your cleavage. You will be amazing.

Basic and sports t-shirt

For a more youthful look that follows the trend of hipster fashion, we suggest that you combine this skirt with some informal and very sporty garments. Thus, the shirt that we will wear will be a basic one with short sleeves, the typical one that you use to be at home or to go to the gym; yes: we will put it inside the skirt to highlight our figure.

The footwear will also have to be sporty, therefore, sports shoes are the best option to achieve this appearance. But, as in the hipster world, the trick is to combine the formal with the informal, we will carry a mini bag that is very elegant and that manages to contrast with the rest of your clothes. More fashionable, impossible!

Maxi coat for the skirt with buttons

Another perfect combination for your look with a button skirt is to do it with a maxi coat, another of the most in clothes of the season. With this, you get an uneven style in which you play with different layers and that create a very fashionable image and perfect for going to work or to meet your loved ones. As you can see in the image, to further emphasize the layering game you can add a crop top and thus make the result extremely uneven.

In this case, you can go with informal sneakers or, if you prefer, you would also have a pair of high-heeled or platform shoes, also achieving a very casual and modern look.


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