How to wear a bomber jacket


The bomber jacket was born in the 70s and had great success during the 90s, but it has really remained present in the closets of more than half the world because it is considered a garment adaptable to many styles and timeless. In fact, this year it has returned with force and is a must in your wardrobe. There are plain, patterned, one color or several shades, no matter how it is, you can combine it in various ways and get a basic look that goes rather unnoticed or a totally daring outfit. It is an ideal garment to create your own style, there is such a variety that you will surely find one that is made for you. Don’t you know how to wear a jacket like this? Here we are going to give you some ideas to help you choose what type of bomber suits you best and with what style you feel most comfortable with. Keep reading this article and don’t miss a detail of how to combine a bomber jacket.

How to wear a bomber jacket

Monochrome bomber jacket

The monocular or plain bombers are the most basic and easy to combine. From the traditional army green with an orange lining to an intense blue, a dark maroon or a light pink. Being smooth, you can combine them with basic clothing, such as worn jeans or black pants and plain shirts, tops or dresses, as well as with printed shirts, skirts or dresses if you want a more striking look.

With this type of outfitcomfortable shoes are usually worn, whether they are sneakers or shoes, especially for the day and for the night you can also choose heels, of the height you prefer, whether they are shoes, ankle boots or sandals. The accessories will depend on the color of your bomber and if the rest of the garments are also plain, you can choose a more variety and quantity of these, or if they are printed, then it is better to moderate the quantity and size of your jewelry and accessories. In the event that you only go with solid colors, it is recommended that the accessories be with some type of drawing or pattern, for example, with an animal print.

Bomber with prints

Another more daring style of jacket is the bomber with prints and here all kinds of styles, shapes and colors come in. If you have a rather extroverted character, try wearing a jacket with flowers or with curious messages and in different tones. With this type of jackets it is better not to go overboard with accessories and you can even carry the essentials in your pockets and forget about bags. So that you can have an idea of ​​how it is better to combine these types of prints and then decide what suits you best, we are going to comment on some in particular.

Floral prints

One of the best known and most acclaimed patterns is the one that has flowers of many different types and colors. The important thing with such a jacket is that you combine it with garments of basic colors such as black, white, cream or gray, along with the main color of the jacket. The accessories can also be in tones similar to the base color of the bomber or in basic colors in jewels such as silver or gold.

Animal Print

In the case of animal print, it is best to opt for plain, dark clothing or a tone similar to the main color of the jacket’s print. In addition, if the rest of the clothes you wear are plain, it is best that you also dare with an accessory with the same type of animal print, such as glasses or leopard shoes.

Badges & Brooches

Bomber jackets with badges, medals, brooches and patches offer us the possibility of wearing a more rebellious outfit or, if they are military-themed, with an air of 1945. These bombers are normally plain, not printed, and usually have the brooches in the front and on the arms. If you can’t find a jacket of this style that you like, you can choose a solid color in the color that best suits you and sew the patches you choose yourself. As with the rest of printed jackets, it is preferable to wear them with the rest of plain garments in neutral tones or of a similar tone to the base color of the bomber.

Message on the back

These types of jackets have been seen a lot in the US for decades, they are typical of high school and university. They are usually one-color or two-color and on the back, sometimes also in the front, they carry a written message, be it the name of a college or university or a claiming word or phrase. If you opt for a bomber of this type, choose one that carries a message with which you feel identified. Again, you can wear clothes in basic colors or the color of the jacket or, as in this case a solid color predominates, you can dare with dresses, skirts, shorts or printed shirts.

Metallic bomber jackets

If you like to have an even more daring image, a metallic colored bomber jacket may be the best choice for you. The best known are the gold and silver ones, but they come in any color and are usually smooth with black edges. In this case, as they are perhaps more elegant than the previous ones, you can wear this style of jacket to go out at night. Try basic dresses and heels or dark pants and tops, so you will make the metallic stand out much more.


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