How to make tattoos for hair


From the hand of the Kardashian family comes a new fashion trend that can currently be seen in the United States and that, little by little, is penetrating our society: tattoos for the hair. What is it about? They are the typical decals that children usually put on their skin but designed especially for their hair, in this way, you get a unique and temporary accessory in your hairstyle that is perfect for a special night, an elegant celebration or a party with friends. In this article we are going to tell you how to make hair tattoos so that you can discover this trend that has been going strong.

How to make tattoos for hair

Steps to follow:

The tattoos for hair also known by the name of hair tattoo or hair tattoo, as the trend comes from the US. But do not believe that these are those tattoos that many men usually get with the shaving machine (where they create drawings or different geometric shapes) but rather the something much simpler: they are stickers that are designed to be applied on a lock of your hair and, thus, provide a different, striking and very elegant touch.

So its mode of use is the same as that of the stickers used by children and, therefore, they are also temporary; in fact, with every wash it will go away. Therefore, it is a fashion accessory that will serve to achieve a different appearance on a specific occasion such as a party, a dinner, a date, etc.

This type of tattoo for the hair is printed on a paper that has an adhesive tape that you must remove to be able to apply it to the hair. Usually there are several designs on the same sheet so that you can choose the one you like the most, cut it and place it on a lock of your hair. With a single wash you can regain the color of your usual hair.

When you put it in your hairstyle, it acts as an accessory similar to a barrette or a headband and that gives you a different and very feminine touch. To start doing hair tattoos, the first thing you have to do is choose the design you want to wear and then comb your hair well so that there are no tangles. In the case that you have curly hair, we recommend that you straighten the lock that you want to tattoo so that the result is optimal.

We start with the placement. You will have to cut out the design you have chosen and, depending on its thickness, choose the ideal strand in which this tattoo will go. Then, rest the paper on your hair, hold it and wet your fingers a little; da taps on paper to moisten enough for the ink off and remains impregnated in your hair (like children do when they want to get decals).

Above all, try not to get it too wet because the drawing could be damaged; a little moisture will be enough for the result to be perfect

Once you have moistened it, the next step is to gently remove the paper so that the design sticks to your hair. For this we recommend that you take the paper with your index finger and thumb and descend, little by little, towards the ends of the hair, thus, you will achieve that the drawing is perfectly fixed.

If you want the hair tattoo to hold you longer in your hairstyle, you can add a little hairspray that will fix it and keep it for longer.

And ready! As you can see, making a hair tattoo is the simplest there is and the result is feminine, elegant and very original. It is an ideal trend to go to parties, dinners or any event in which you have to get ready but, also, you can use them every day and give a different touch to your appearance.

Currently the hair tattoos are in gold and silver presenting different shapes, designs and geometric figures. They are available in the United States but, little by little, they are expanding to other cities in the world due to their great success among women.


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