How to have a Parisian look


If a city has been, is and will be a reference for fashion worldwide that is undoubtedly Paris. Elegance, beauty, modernism and style are some of the concepts that stand out the most in Parisian women who, without a doubt, dazzle with very successful and fascinating looks. If you want to give your wardrobe a chic touch and dress in the purest French style, this article is for you. At we explain how to have a Parisian look while preserving your personal style. Discover which are the essential garments to be able to see yourself as elegant and modern as the authentic Parisians. 

How to have a Parisian look

Steps to follow:

Elegance above all else. This is the great premise that you must follow if you want to achieve a Parisian look. You should always wear your best clothes, every day, because you never know what can happen to you during the day. Inspect your closet and leave only those clothes that you really love, that have you in love. For a total made in Paris image, you should record the elegant but informal, timeless but casual concepts.

Combination of garments. The Parisian look is based on having a wardrobe full of clothes that you can wear on any occasion. That is, clothes that combine with each other and with which you always get a fresh and renewed image but with the same clothes. You can organize your wardrobe by tones, colors or styles to make it easier for you to make multiple combinations daily. Remember: it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

As we have already mentioned, the Parisian look is based on elegance but natural. That is, you should not overload yourself with accessories or makeup but it should be a more fluid and casual image. Seen from the outside, no one should suspect that you have spent a lot of time styling your hair or searching for the ideal outfit. This is the key.

For example, for hair a loose bun (even semi-disheveled) or loose hair accompanied by a hat in winter or a ribbon in summer, will give you the ideal touch. You should look fresh, clean, natural and casual but giving off a strong “scruffy” elegance. Test it!

If you want to look like a true Parisian, you must be very careful with your makeup and not use it excessively, especially during the day. A little foundation, a light blush on the cheeks, a fine line on the lids, a mascara to accentuate them and enlarge the eye and a light lip balm is enough to look natural, fresh and radiant. In the purest Parisian style!

Essential accessories. As we have discussed previously, the basic idea of ​​a Parisian look is to exploit elegance without complications. Details should be scant but adequate. For example, you should avoid brightness or exaggeration, so that all of you are the center of attention and not just the complement.

High heel shoes? Yes! Parisian women exploit their femininity through medium heels or pumps. It is very common to see all the women walking through the streets of Paris with them. If you want to stylize your figure and look more Parisian than ever, we suggest you opt for leather boots and black pumps. If you are more of going flat, do not hesitate to bet on ballerinas or loafers. Ideal!

Generally, sobriety is installed in Parisian wardrobes, where it is usual to bet on color ranges and the absence of patterns. In the French style, neutral and soft colors dominate (such as beige or cream), without forgetting the sobriety (with a beautiful pearl gray) or the elegance of the eternal and essential black, a basic and always useful wardrobe base.

On the other hand, remember that the garments must be smooth, to a great extent. The looks Parisians do not usually bet on garish prints, but combinable garments for any occasion. However, something that is always in Parisian fashion is the sailor stripes that combined with any simple garment will make you look fantastic: essential in any wardrobe.

Other essential items to achieve a total Parisian look are a blazer or jacket, as well as tuxedo- type jackets, which you can always combine with any type of pants and with which you will look perfect with any look. Men’s suits are also a safe bet, especially if you work in an office.

Other classics are cigarettes’ (or dress) pants, a pencil or pencil skirt, a white shirt or simple blouses in neutral tones, and dresses above the knee. For a good trench there is nothing better than a raincoat and a beret or a nice hat that will complement the look made in France.

These tips will help you achieve a total Parisian look. Do not forget the basic rules: neutrality, sobriety, elegance and naturalness. And remember that it is not what you wear but how you wear it. Feel comfortable with the clothes you choose and wear them daily. You will feel like a true Parisian.


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