How to have a hipster look


In the 1940s, a new urban tribe appeared in America, the “hip”, who were people with knowledge of jazz and African-American culture. Currently, this term is called “hipster” and refers to intellectual people, with interests in alternative culture and who, in addition, dress in a specific way betting on going against fashion. Hipsters are those who sweep away second-hand stores and wear a vintage and retro look with an urban and informal appearance.

How to have a hipster look

In this article we are going to tell you how to have a hipster look so that you can take into account all the aspects that define this urban tribe: clothes, accessories, hairstyle, etc. Do you want to be a hipster? Here you will know how!

Steps to follow:

Let’s start by talking about the type of clothes to be hipster. You have to keep in mind that the garments that make up the wardrobe are always second-hand or second-hand in appearance. This is: old clothes, like grandmother’s, with retro prints and accessories from yesteryear (for example, hand gloves, a smoking pipe, a brooch, etc.).

Going back to the past is the main secret to being able to dress like a hipster and, to achieve this, the easiest thing is to go to second-hand stores that offer used clothing. This is how you will find your star garments!

As we have already said, the concept of “hipster” not only includes a look but also includes other types of connotations such as a taste for independent music (indie music), interest in alternative culture, auteur films, cult cinema, etc. . . . But aesthetically they are linked to vintage fashion, that is, recovering old garments to give them a new touch and with an informal touch.

For this reason, it is common to see girls dressed in floral dresses and accompanied by sports sandals or, for example, you can also see a boy with a shirt and a vest and, later, go with hiking boots and a wool hat.

We have already told you and remarked that hipsters are lovers of culture, therefore, one of the accessories that you cannot miss to join this fashion are spectacles or sunglasses. And, think, that the bigger, the more fashionable you will be, therefore, opt for lenses that occupy a large part of your face and if you don’t need them you can get ones that are not graduated and that serve as a mere aesthetic complement.

Hipsters are also people who go against what is commercial, they bet on an alternative life, with tastes outside the most multitudinous lines and believe in direct contact with nature and “do it yourself”. For this reason, it is very common for them to wear garments made by themselves or that are handmade, with their own personality and natural materials. For this reason, sweaters, scarves or wool hats are pieces that are not missing in your wardrobe either.

But they do not have to be made of wool simply that they are handmade, by them or by artisans, and that they have an original, minimalist and authentic design. Gloves, bags, scarves or kerchiefs, any garment can be worthy of a hipster if it has that essence of a lifetime: handmade and with its own personality.

But make no mistake: wearing a hipster look does not mean being dressed like a grandmother because the trick is to know how to combine those clothes of yesteryear in the 21st century. For this reason, the typical urban and informal hoodie cannot be missing in the closet, just as it is not possible to imagine a hipster without sports shoes or sports jerseys.

The best thing is to combine everything: men can go with pleated trousers, a shirt but, on top, a woolen cardigan and sneakers on their feet; they, for example, can wear a flower skirt, ballerinas and, above, wear a sweatshirt and a cap, for example. Therein lies the real trick that defines the hipster stylemix it all up, present, past, formal and casual.

Now we focus on hipster women, what characterizes them? Well, first, they have to wear a hairstyle that seems to be disheveled, so wearing flat hair, high buns or ponytails with loose strands, are ideal options. Leave out the collected too tight and choose to give freedom to your hair. The bangs are also a very fashionable hairstyle among the girls of this style because they give them that retro look that they pursue so much.

Makeup should be simple, as if your face was washed but, yes, the lips have to be highlighted in red. And not just during a party or dinner but all day. It is the must that never has to be missing in a hipster woman because it highlights her femininity and her character.

What about them? There is something that gives hipster men away: the beard! With it they manage to create that appearance as “careless” although, deep down, they take great care of themselves. But not just any type of beard is worth it, it has to be lush and quite long, this way, you give a wild and very sexy touch to your style. The ideal accessory for men are shoulder bags (no backpacks), that is, cross body bags that look handmade or have a natural and authentic touch. And, inside, there is nothing better than carrying your tablet or your laptop. Hipster yes but passionate about technology too!


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