How to get a vintage look


The old is in fashion! The vintage look is still recovering the style of our grandmothers and incorporating them into current uses; in this way, we will mix lace with denim jackets or men’s shoes with skinny pants.

How to get a vintage look

Here we show you how to get a vintage look and join this fashion that is causing so much fury right now. Join the vintage bandwagon!

Steps to follow:

Printed clothing. One of the tips of vintage fashion is to dress in clothes with all kinds of patterns: from floral prints to animal prints, anything goes! The ideal is to combine this garment with something more contemporary to show off a current vintage style and fashion; 

Wear vests. It is one of the most fashionable accessories in current fashion and ideal to achieve a vintage look. Adding to your clothing a vest so typical of the 60s will give your image a vintage and very sweet look.

Accessories with pearls. If you want to know how to get a vintage look, you should not stop paying attention to the small details and accessories of your clothing; in this case, the use of pearls is essential to achieve a vintage look.

Wear hair scarves. It is one of the most elegant accessories that you can include in your vintage look and it is that the use of headscarves provide an air that is reminiscent of the great Hollywood divas of the early twentieth century.

Pastel colors. The tonality that you should choose in your vintage clothing should focus on pastel and light colors: thus, blue, green, pink or brown tones are ideal to achieve a vintage look and be fashionable.

Lace garments. The traditional lace garments that the grandmothers wore, once again have prominence in the vintage look and you cannot dress in fashion if you do not have a lace dress, pants or vest in your closet.

Male shoes. Another of the successes of the season is dressing with traditional men’s shoes but adapted to the feminine essence; thus, to achieve a vintage look you should get a men’s shoe and combine it with vintage garments that will create a fashionable and very sensual look.

The importance of accessories. To get a vintage look you should pay special attention to other accessories that will shape your style. One of the most current are large glasses that occupy a large part of the face, as well as hats and woolen berets.


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