How to get a sport chic look


Sport and chic seem like two words that could never go hand in hand. Can you be chic wearing sportswear? The latest trend that is marking the world of fashion shows that it is. The famous have given themselves to sport chic or sporty chic and are showing that comfortable and sporty clothing does not have to make you lose an iota of elegance. Here we give you some tips on how to get a sporty chic look.

How to get a sport chic look

Steps to follow:

The sporty chic is one of the key trends to be fashionable in the winter and is making sweatshirts, T – shirts and sneakers running are starting to appear everywhere.

There are two key elements that you have to take into account when creating a sport chic look. The first is that you will need some very elegant or high quality item, such as high-heeled shoes. The second is that you will have to add to your outfit a comfortable and sporty garment, such as a sweatshirt.

One of the favorite – and easiest to create – combinations of sport chic fans is to mix an elegant or very chic dress with sneakers. You will thus be able to maintain all the elegance and you will also get rid of the annoyances of heels.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just dresses. The skirts (especially the tube ones) or the most chic pants are also perfect to create a sporty chic look if you add some sneakers or a sweatshirt.

Although when creating a sport chic look, you don’t have to limit the sport part to footwear, since there is the possibility of mixing sports garments with very elegant shoes. Thus, for example, you can bet on sweatshirts or t-shirts and wear them with sandals or stilettos.

The sporty chic look is perfect for being comfortable and can work in many types of situations. For example, you can add it to your office outfits, you just have to include a sweatshirt to your usual look to go to work to give it that sporty chic touch

Finally, be very careful with accessories, since they are the ones that can tip the balance towards the chic side. Wear very feminine scarves or necklaces to round out the look and remove any excess weight from the sportswear.


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