How to get a romantic look


Who doesn’t love the romantic look? The pastel colors, light clothes and fallen or flowers are some of the keys to getting a perfect romantic style. Michael Kors, Alice and Olivia or Marchesa are some of the designers who have made the romantic look continue on the catwalks and celebrities like Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift or Zooey Deschanel have made us see it in all the magazines. To achieve the same style as them, here we explain how to achieve a romantic look.

How to get a romantic look

Steps to follow:

The floaty dresses, flowers and soft colors have been a constant in the history of fashion. The romantics of Romanticism back in the nineteenth century dressed like this, but they were not the only ones. Pre-Raphaelite paintings are also full of flowers and languid airs and they brought all those things back into fashion.

But you don’t need to go that far to get a romantic look. Fortunately, today there are many brands that already offer these styles. Poet, some of the Kling or Naf collections are an example of a total romantic look.

There are also many shops with a romantic air, you will recognize them for their use and abuse of pastel colors in decoration, where you can find everything you are looking for

And how to be a perfect romantic? In colors he prefers pastel over any other tone, although white can also give you a lot of play. Play around with them and allow yourself a touch of a stronger (but limited) color to finish off the look.

In fabrics, look for fabrics with drape and that are flowy. Do not give up neither the lace, neither the lace nor the ruffles, because all good romantics use them.

The flowers are another good element: both pinned to clothing and printing. The liberty print will be your best ally to achieve a romantic look.

When it comes to combing your hair, slightly tousled updos work very well to give that romantic air you’re looking for. You can learn to do a tousled braid to achieve the effect. A low or ballerina bun, a disheveled side ponytail, or a flowing wavy hair are also good options.

A romantic hairstyle is complete when you add accessories to it. Add a retro headband, flower, or appliqués and they’ll be the finishing touch.


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