How to get a naive look


The naive style comes from the French word “naïf” that is to say, naive and innocent. Taken into the field of fashion, the naive look is one that presents an innocent, feminine woman with a somewhat childish but very sophisticated style. Actress Zooey Deschanel is one of the ambassadors of the naive style in Hollywood and her look has conquered many women who want to dress like her.

How to get a naive look

Here, we want to show you how to achieve a naive look and thus discover the secrets of this fashion trend that has won over so many followers.

Naïf skirts and dresses

The main key that you have to keep in mind to learn how to achieve a naive look is that simplicity is paramount. Banish garish colors, overloaded combinations and the most extreme clothing to make way for romantic, innocent and childish clothes.

  • The miniskirts become an essential in the naive style. They can be pastel-colored miniskirts or patterned miniskirts, especially floral skirts that will give a more innocent touch to your look. To know how to choose the right skirt for this look, keep in mind the classic girl’s skirts, with lace, embroidery or pastel colors: this is the style you have to look for to achieve a naive look.
  • Dresses are also a garment that cannot be missing in the naive style; these garments are usually baby doll type dresses, with baby collars. The style of these naive dresses can be varied: you can choose a pastel-colored dress or, if you prefer, you can opt for a polka dot dress, flowery or any pattern that has a retro style.

One of the tips of both garments is that they have a lot of flight, the more flight, the better because this increases this childish and innocent halo that we seek so much in the naive look

Accessories for a naive look

Accessories are one of the key pieces that will help you achieve a complete naive look. With the help of accessories you can achieve a naive style worthy of the fashion catwalks.

  • The bags are essential accessories to set your look, ideally to be very small bags, leather or rectangular shapes.
  • The caps and hats are accessories that cannot miss in your style naïf and giving it a retro air to the look. For summer, it is best to get a white Panama hat and, for winter, you should not miss the “dandy” type hats that give a very elegant touch to the style. 
  • The hair accessories are also essential to get a look naïf: opt for headbands, ties, flowers or children clothes.
  • Total naive with the white socks. The most common shoes to achieve a naive look are ankle boots but if you want to be totally in line with this fashion, it is best to wear short socks with ruffles that stand out above the booty; in this way, you will be able to increase the innocent aspect of your look.

Naive hair and makeup

To know how to achieve a naive look it is also important that you pay attention to the style of your makeup and your hairstyle. As we have already mentioned, the key to this look is to look as simple and childish as possible, therefore, the naive trick for your hairstyle and makeup will be naturalness.

  • As far as makeup is concerned, the naive style is committed to a natural makeup where there is a predominance of nude tones and pink tones. No reds or strident colors: bet on pastel tones and you will get a naive look.
  • The hairstyle of naïf fashion advocates also the simplicity and naturalness, therefore, can wear her hair decorated with hair accessories you have mentioned in the previous point or, if you prefer, you can become collected simple as monkeys, Low tails or a collection of tail and loose hair. 

Naive fabrics

As we have mentioned before, the basic garments of the naive look are skirts and baby doll dresses; however, there are specific fabrics that are ideal for getting dressed following the premises of this fashion. They are fabrics that inspire airs of childhood, romanticism and innocence such as lacesatinsilk or transparencies.

More trendy looks

Now you know how to get a naive look, however, if you liked this fashion style, surely you will also like other styles that are somewhat similar such as the vintage look or the romantic look. Check them out and don’t miss anything from the world of fashion!


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