How to get a Color-Blocking look


The Color-Blocking fashion is going strong and it is a trend that consists of the combination of plain garments of different colors in the same outfit, ideal to stand out with super striking looks and to make our wardrobe come alive, leaving aside the classic neutral tones. There are many designers and firms that have been based on this multicolored trend to give life to their collections, and if you also want to join it then do not miss this article in which we reveal the basic rules to achieve a style Color-Blocking.

How to get a Color-Blocking look

Steps to follow:

The key to the Color-Blocking style is to bet on clothes with a simple, simple and smooth design but wearing several garments of opposite or complementary colors in a single outfit. All with a single objective: to stand out thanks to a total contrast of color in blocks, showing off a look of the most cheerful and full of life.

How to get the color-blocking style? It is not as complicated as we can think, it is enough to find the contrasting colors in the chromatic circle that will be the ones that are completely opposite. Take note of the combinations you can make to create outfits following this fashion trend and you will stand out with a striking look:

  • Combine red with: electric blue, green, yellow or fuchsia.
  • Combine blue with: pink, yellow or orange.
  • Combine fuchsia and purple with: turquoise blue, green, yellow or orange.

These combinations can be used in reverse as well and if you are daring and still want to add more color to your wardrobe, then you can use up to three contrasting colors. To do this, you just have to draw a triangle on the chromatic circle and the colors that remain on the three points of the triangle will be the ones that you must combine with each other.

If the contrast created by the opposite color combinations does not convince you, you can also opt for the option of combining garments of the same color but of different shades. Thus, you will also get a look of contrasts but in a much more subtle way, although equally flattering. Combine dark and light clothes of the same color, such as green pants with an aqua green blouse, a fuchsia skirt with a pale pink shirt … and everything you can think of!

Following the Color-Blocking style does not mean that you always have to wear combinations of colors as powerful and striking as those we have seen, but you can also add some garment in black, white or nude to your look. As you can see in the image, the contrast is also present and this is an ideal option to show off a cheerful but more formal and elegant look.

Also, take note of the following tips that will help you adapt perfectly to this trend of strong colors in block:

  • Stripes or prints are totally prohibited in these types of look, you should choose plain clothes.
  • Keep in mind that each garment provides the same amount of color and intensity to your outfit, otherwise it will be unbalanced.
  • Opt for neutral accessories, such as metallic or black, that highlight the color of your clothes.
  • Do not wear accessories in the same colors as the clothes. Choose the bag and shoes in a different color so that it does not detract from the other garments.
  • Another option to highlight the color is to simply wear a dress in a single color, for example a pale pink dress, and complement it with eye-catching accessories.


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