How to get a boho-chic look


The mix between the bohemian style and the hippie style has led to the appearance of a new style: boho-chic. Great Hollywood women have become the ambassadors of this new look, including Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen.

How to get a boho-chic look

Here we give you the keys so that you know how to achieve a boho-chic look and, thus, look with a style that recalls nature and freedom.

Steps to follow:

Team up with maxi garments. To achieve a boho-chic look it is essential that you have maxi-garments in your wardrobe: dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. It is an essential element to be able to achieve this fashion style in which, above all, shades that recall nature must abound: green, blue, brown, orange and yellow.

If you choose to dress with a loose blouse, it is best to combine it with worn denim shorts that will add a sexy touch to your boho-chic look; if you prefer to wear a maxi skirt, we recommend that you cover the top with a tight-fitting T-shirt or top to enhance your feminine figure.

You wear vests. They are a must of the boho-chic style and it is that dressing with vests helps to give that unique and bohemian touch to your clothing. You can opt for denim vests that combine with almost all garments or, if you prefer, you can use other types of more ethnic vests such as the fringed vest.

Ethnic clothing or clothing with lace. It is one of the keys that will help you know how to achieve a boho-chic style and is that wearing clothes that have ethnic prints is very similar to hippie fashion and the most natural and wild essence of people.

Lace is also a key piece of this look as they provide naturalness and the appearance of being a handmade garment, something highly sought after in boho-chic fashion

Hair loose and full of ornaments. Another key to the boho-chic style is to wear your hair in a casual and free way; it is very recurrent to wear your hair down or with a spiky braid that gives an image as if it were disheveled but perfectly cared for.

Therefore, to achieve a boho-chic look you can choose to give your hair waves and fill it with accessories that are reminiscent of nature: a flower crown, feather clips or leaf-shaped hairpins.

You can also put accessories in your hair such as scarves or hats since they are often used a lot to give a personal and unique touch to the boho-chic look. The key is to fill yourself with accessories to show off a wild and very feminine look.

Handbags. To know how to get a boho-chic style you must look at all the details and the bag is one that you should not overlook. The most suitable bags for this style are those that have a long handle and are placed on one shoulder or the bags that have ethnic details; Fringed or studded bags may also work.

Accessory freedom! It is important that, to achieve a boho-chic look, you add a large number of accessories to your clothing. For example, it is important that to wear this look you wear a wide variety of jewelry: very long necklaces, large earrings, many rings and bracelets.

Sunglasses are also an ideal complement to your boho-chic style, especially those glasses that are large and round, in the John Lennon style. Freedom is the rules, so combine everything you want, abandoning minimalism and simplicity.


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