How to dress urban chic style – fashion and beauty tips


If you like to go to fashion and bet on styles that are groundbreaking, urban chic is ideal for you since it is one of the great trends of this year. It is an informal style that mixes very varied garments, thus creating original, simple and very modern looks. If you want to join this fashion, in this article we are going to discover you how to dress urban chic style giving you some good advice so that you can renew your image and be completely fashionable.

How to dress urban chic style - fashion and beauty tips

What is urban chic style

Before discovering the tricks to be able to wear urban chic style it is important that we know what this fashion style consists of. It is a very versatile look since you can adapt it for the day or for the night, either to go to work, to have a coffee with friends or to go to an evening event.

Basic garments that, well combined, will give you a spectacular look. To dress urban chic, you will only have to combine informal garments that we wear every day, such as jeans, with other fashionable and more groundbreaking garments such as, for example, a leather jacket and a hat. This combination will be totally different and will just mix the two trends: urban and chic, elegant and fashionable.

Keys to urban chic style

But let’s get into the matter: if you want to know how to dress urban chic style you have to take into account these basic keys that will help you to follow this fashion:

  • Pants: the most popular are leggings or skinny jeans, which are also very fashionable and can be found in a multitude of designs. The boyfriend jeans are also a good choice, and in this case must combine them with very feminine clothes, like tight shirts or heels.
  • T-shirts: the basic ones are the most appropriate, no matter how much you think they are too simple. Any color, any design. That easy.
  • Leather: it is one of the identifiers of this style, especially if it is in a jacket, which is also a must have for a couple of seasons. For the cold season, bet on black leather pants, you will be incredible.
  • Footwear: it can bring a lot of femininity to the look, especially if you wear high-heeled boots or ankle boots. In addition, in both cases they are a success for any occasion. Wedge sandals are essential, especially with the arrival of good weather. Lately, flatforms have also been very successful in this style, which are flat platforms that avoid having to wear heels to gain a couple of centimeters in height.
  • Accessories: here you have a lot of freedom, although you will be perfect if you wear a borsalino hat. A wool hat is also a very good alternative, however simple it may be. As for the bags, they can be from shoulder bags to clutches, choose according to the occasion. For jewelry, you can wear whatever you want, but always in a limited quantity, don’t put the whole jewelry box on top. The costume jewelry and jewelry are very good, but without overdoing it.

Have you already signed up for the urban chic fashion? Do you have any more tips for this style that you want to share?


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