How to dress like Zayn Malik


Currently the One Direction are causing a sensation and not only do it for their songs, but they all have their own style of dress that enchants boys and drives many girls crazy. Zayn Malik has set trends, especially for his hairstyle, and there are many who want to imitate his clothes. If you are one of them too, don’t miss this article on how to dress like Zayn Malik.

How to dress like Zayn Malik

Steps to follow:

When talking about Zayn Malik’s way of dressing, we must highlight his checkered shirts, since it is very common to see him wearing them. They are of the lumberjack type, very common today among those who dress like hipsters, and those that combine red tones with dark blue stand out above all.

Also, if you want to dress like this member of One Direction, you should wear T-shirts with a black leather jacket on top, which will give your look a touch of “bad boy”. This combination can be used both to dress during the day and to go out at night.

As in the previous case, it is also common to see Zayn Malik wearing denim or jean jackets, on top of shirts or T-shirts. As for pants, you should opt for skinny jeans or skinny jeans.

Regarding the footwear that Zayn wears, we see that almost every time he wears sports shoes from brands such as Vans, Nike, All Star, etc. It does not matter if you walk down the street or attend a gala with the rest of the members of One Direction; he dons sneakers and he’ll get a perfect image.

But in addition to dressing like Zayn Malik, if you want to look like him it will be essential to be able to imitate his hairstyle, with his toupee raised to the side. To do this, you must leave your hair short on the sides and the back of the head, while you will leave it long at the top and then lift it, fixing it with hair gel or hairspray.


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