How to dress like the guys from one direction


One direction is a British-Irish musical group made up of five boys who came out of a London television show, X-factor. Since 2010, when his first album was on sale, his success has not stopped. In addition, its five components have a very particular style and many teenagers want to imitate it. For all this, one direction is right now the musical group with the most teenage fans. Next, we explain how to dress like the guys from one direction.

How to dress like the guys from One direction

How to dress like Harry Styles

As his surname indicates, Harry is the guy from one direction with the most style of the five. What most characterizes Harry is his mane of curly hair.

His style of clothing has several aspects:

– The combination of posh and urban styles when on the street: jeans combined with lace-up shoes, ankle boots or the typical “all stars” sneakers; windbreakers with lapels or suit jackets; white and / or black shirts, etc…

– When she is more relaxed, she loves t-shirts in basic colors (white, black, brown, navy blue) combined with all-stars sneakers.

– At presentations or events he loves to wear a bow tie combined with his suit.

How to dress like Niall Horan

Niall Horan is the one with the sportiest style of the One Direction group. When he has to dress well, he usually opts for polo shirts and jeans. On the other hand, when he dresses casual, he loves to wear shorts (if it is summer), pants with pockets on the sides, shirts with or without sleeves and above all he does not miss his hat and sunglasses. For his feet, he always opts for sneakers with large flaps. He loves to wear the Supra brand of sneakers!

How to dress like Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has a very own and sophisticated style. His hairstyle is very fashionable, he wears a toupee very well on. In his day to day, he loves to wear denim or leather jackets and sports shoes. He also loves the combination of a jacket with a shirt underneath.

How to dress like Liam Payne

Lian Payne loves plaid shirts, although when not wearing them he always opts for solid colors. She is used to wearing sagging pants and sweatshirts. She also loves to wear sports shoes. It is the component of one direction that has a more urban style.

How to dress like Louis Tomlinson

Louis loves colored pants. Every time he goes out on stage, he does it with some garish color pants. He also likes matching shirts with suspenders (quite a daring look). Another of his favorite clothes are vests, he loves them!


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