How to dress like Taylor Swift


Teenage girls are setting the trend, and young singer Taylor Swift is jumping on the bandwagon. Her childish style mixes a country look with vintage. She is one of the most aesthetically imitated artists and that is why we teach you how to dress like Taylor Swift.

How to dress like Taylor Swift

Steps to follow:

The lace is something not lacking in this young lady’s wardrobe. You can use the lace both in dresses and in skirts and shirts. However, Taylor almost always opts for dresses with lace less neckline and long sleeves.

Due to her country look, Taylor often combines pastel colors with brown. It is perfect as it provides a sober style that you too can easily achieve. Ecru and pale pink are the tones that stand out the most in your wardrobe. In addition, you can combine them as she does with gold or brown accessories and accessories.

Taylor loves to wear a little black dress, and it is something that should not be missing in your wardrobe for any occasion. These short black dresses with a simple cut are one of the singer’s fetishes when she attends galas and other events. Why not make it yours too?

On the other hand, Taylor likes to combine bell-shaped knee- length skirts (fitted at the waist and open down) with knee-high boots or sandals. He mixes them with both low-cut shirts and T-shirts, and he usually wears blazers with them. In addition, he usually opts for patterned skirts of this type. So you can combine any basic shirt with one of these skirts.

However, what gives this singer the country look above all is her cowboy style boots. Brown high boots, caramel color. Usually they usually carry some type of decoration, but discard the studs and any exterior decorations on them. 


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