How to dress like Emma Watson


The girl protagonist of Harry Potter has grown up and has become a fashion icon. Since her change of look (from Hermione’s big, curly hair to pixie hair) she has become the target of cool hunters. Here we give you some tips to dress like Emma Watson.

How to dress like Emma Watson

Steps to follow:

Emma has declared herself a lover of big brands like Balenciaga or Calvin Klein. However, this style that few can afford is worn only on the red carpet. For day-to-day life, she prefers to wear clothes from the Topshop ready-to-wear store. This store stands out for its informal but elegant style, without any flashy prints or colors, and it is what Emma’s wardrobe mostly stands out for.

As for colors, Emma stands out for always combining cold colors: navy blue, white, gray, black and brown. Combining them with each other to get a very casual and inconspicuous look.

When it comes to makeup, she usually uses nude makeup for the day. Although it is true, that when he appears on television programs, he decides to opt for a more arranged outfit, he usually opts for Smokey eyes and lips in reddish tones.

His fetish garment are oversize jumpers, both striped and one-color. You can combine them like she does with skinny jeans.

As for footwear, for day to day, he usually uses flat boots or Frenchie’s. Something perfect for casual looks. However, for more elegant occasions he usually opts for stilettos, although not excessively high.

Another of their fectiche garments, especially in winter, are hats and berets to protect themselves from the cold British climate. It is usually combined with large wool scarves of the same color.

Also in winter, opt for double-breasted button coats. They are usually worn above the knee and in dark tones such as navy blue or black.

Despite standing out for wearing a sober look for day to day, when she puts on a dress she usually opts for original and striking designs. Change the dark tones for more cheerful ones and launch yourself into originality. She usually wears dresses of all kinds, long and avant-garde cuts, which make her the most original on the red carpet. You can also dare with fun designs for your most special occasions.


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