How to dress like Ariana Grande


This young American has already become a star and idol of the masses, thanks to her role as an actress in various series and musical success. Ariana Grande also stands out for her red hair and her casual and carefree look. If you also want to show off her style, discover in this article the keys on how to dress like Ariana Grande

How to dress like Ariana Grande

Steps to follow:

It is very common to see Ariana Grande wearing dresses above the knee, always in a youthful and casual style, since she is still a teenager. These can be tight or flared, depending on the occasion, and will mostly be suspenders.

For more formal occasions like galas and award shows, Ariana sometimes opts for floor-length dresses as well, but it’s not the most usual thing.

It is important to know that if you want to dress like Ariana Grande, you should keep the color pink in mind, since it is her favorite. In this way, it is very common to see her with garments of different shades of this color: stick, fuchsia, gum, etc.

From dresses to accessories, pink is one of the most chosen color options for the young star, always combining it with the rest of her clothing.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that Ariana wears short jumpsuits or shorts on many occasions , especially in the more informal and summery looks . Whether they are plain or patterned, he always knows how to make the most of them and show them off like nobody else.

To dress like Ariana Grande, it will be essential that heels are part of your outfit, because she is a big fan of high shoes. From peep-toes of all colors to wedges, passing through high sandals, Ariana wears good heels with any garment.


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