How to dress like an Emo


Although many think that this type of subculture that has gained so many followers is new, the reality is that the Emo emerged in the mid-80s in the United States, and are closely linked to music, born as a derivative of Hardcore Punk and gaining its own style known as Emotive Hardcore because the lyrics of their songs have a high emotional content, something for which this group has also been characterized. If you are attracted by her look and her hairstyle and makeup, then we offer you a simple guide for you to learn how to dress like an Emo

How to dress like an Emo

Steps to follow:

Make black your main color, Emo nowadays tend to be confused, despite their clear differences, with goths, this is due to the strong presence of black in their wardrobe, although currently they have also opened up to colors such as violet or fuchsia in the case of girls

Wear skinny pants, preferably in dark colors, as in other urban tribes, skinny is a fundamental part of the wardrobe.

Wear t-shirts in dark colors, with a “slim fit” cut, that is, they are fairly close to the body. T-shirts of bands like “My Chemical Romance”, closely associated with Emo, and any other representative group of this subculture, are allowed.

The shoes can be Converse, again in dark colors, or Vans, the most used if you want to dress like an Emo.

The hairstyle is very important, Emo boys and girls usually wear bangs that almost completely cover their eyes, sometimes they also use colored locks like red or fuchsia, the truth is that to be an Emo you must take care and worry about the appearance of your hair.

It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, makeup counts and is essential. Lining your eyes in black to add a little more impact and drama to the style is important, and you will see that most Emo respect this pattern. They also wear hooded jumpsuits, and sometimes have leather chains, studs, or collars (like dark and gothic ones); many wear weird ties even when wearing a shirt.

You can complement your Emo look by using some accessories, such as dark colored wristbands or black and gray bracelets in the case of girls. Ultimately, the Floggers copied a lot of things from the emo, and the emo are depressed and cry all day. Are very emo-tive, cry for things, live depressed and believe they are guilty of everything.


  • Use black and dark colors in your clothing
  • Don’t be afraid to put on makeup
  • Dedicate yourself to having a style and look for your hair, an important part of the Emo outfit
  • Bands like My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte or Jimmy Eat World are known to be great representatives of the Emo on a musical level, listen to them


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