How to dress like a punk


Born as a musical genre in the mid-70s, the punk movement would soon become a counterculture that would surround all its fans in a series of codes of behavior, language, clothing and themes. In fact, the fact of despising fashions and mass society, as well as rejecting dogmas and believing in the DIY (do it yourself) philosophy, has served to distinguish them as a new social tribe. If you want to learn how to dress like a punk, follow the tips below step by step

How to dress like a punk

You will need to:

  •  Black pants or skinny jeans.
  •  T-shirts of punk and post-punk groups from the late 70s.
  •  Old and worn sneakers; no brand, Converse or Dr. Martens.
  •  Spiked vest created by yourself.

Steps to follow:

Look for images of early punk bands like The Ramones, The Velvet Underground, Black Flag, The Clash, Patti Smith, and even Blondie to idealize your style.

Buy second-hand clothes in stores like Caritas, Hollo! Vintage or Retro City. You can also search for old and worn clothes around the house; avoid using multinational brands.

Get very tight pants, preferably black skinny jeans or jeans. Wear them according to your style; you can, for example, punch holes in them to show your knees, etc.

Do you have Converse sneakers at home? Spoil them; to dress like a punk, they must look worn, old or torn.

Get shirts from the groups that we have discussed in the first step. Remember to trim the sleeves.

Yes, during the 90s they took the crests to the Mohican, but not anymore. Despite the fact that now there is absolute freedom when it comes to choosing a hairstyle, the truth is that there is a great tendency among the punk community to shave half of the head.

One of the shoes most used to wear by punks in winter are the Dr. Martens. Get a good pair!

Create your own punk vest , you can do it by cutting out a leather jacket, adding studs or spikes; These are very easy to get and, to start putting them on, you just have to cut the jacket lining at the seams and use the ruler to mark the points where they will be located.

Decorate your clothes with everything you like and try to create your own aesthetic concept: change the color of your shoelaces, add clips to your clothes or make a necklace with them.


  • In the center of many cities you can find punk communities where you will not only find clothes, but people with the same hobbies.
  • To truly dress like a punk, you must be aware of the aesthetic and philosophical movements of this urban tribe.
  • If you live far from the city, use a search engine to find online stores on the Internet that sell this type of clothing.
  • Feel free to add anything you feel comfortable with to your clothes; in punk fashion there is nothing written.


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