How to dress in style


Although for many it may seem banal, the style speaks of us and reflects in many aspects our personality or the care we give to our appearance. Clothing is a way of showing who we are, so it is important to pay attention to what we wear, regardless of the type of clothing we like to wear. Here we give you some simple tips so you can discover how to dress with style every day.

How to dress in style

Steps to follow:

The word style has many definitions, but when applied to fashion it is used to refer to someone who manages to convey their personality and tastes in the way they dress, choosing clothes that flatter them and that make their preferences clear. People with style usually also have good taste, not only with regard to clothing, but also in other elements such as decoration.

With regard to clothing, everyone has their tastes, but there are certain keys that define any person with style with respect to the choice of the type of pieces they use. The first one is: always choose patterns that feel good to our body.

These types of garments tend to greatly expand the figure, so even though they are super fashionable, it is important to ask ourselves if they suit us. Stylish people are not victims of fashion, on the contrary they mark the fashion in their environment.

To dress with style you have to dare. Always wearing a single color, with matching outfits of the same tone and without risking combining colors, denotes simplicity and monotony when dressing. A stylish person has fun combining the pieces of his wardrobe.

There are certain pieces that should be eradicated from the wardrobe if you seek to have style when dressing:

  • Those that make our body look bad, increasing our proportions.
  • The pants that are transparent showing our underwear (especially the white ones).
  • The clothes that fit us so tightly that it makes every skin fold stand out.
  • The high-heeled shoes that you can’t walk in.
  • Clothes that are torn, old, fluffy, or badly worn.
  • Those pieces of clothing that show too much without leaving anything to the imagination, it is best to opt for sensuality with elegance.

Stylish women always have a wardrobe made up of essential garments, those that should not be missing and that can save you on any occasion:

  • A black dress
  • A black skirt
  • At least some dress pants
  • Some quality jeans or jeans to show off a casual look or wear them at night. They should not be torn or discolored, better opt for a classic garment
  • A white or light-toned (ivory) dress shirt
  • A black dress shirt
  • A good jersey made of a quality material and a good jacket, preferably black, brown or camel (it can be a jacket or a leather one)
  • A portfolio that adapts to various styles and outfits, easy to combine and switch between day and night
  • Good heels for any unexpected outing

To dress with style it is essential to look at the type of clothing we buy and its quality, which does not necessarily have to do with the price but with the materials. For example, dresses made of polyester or acrylic materials, in addition to being somewhat warm, over time lose shape and stop sitting well on the body. They are also fabrics that deteriorate very quickly with washing. It is best to always opt for garments made with natural materials: cotton, silk, leather, wool, etc.

If you want good jeans, look at their fabric, body and structure. Although leggings or tight-fitting jeans made with thin fabrics are very fashionable now, these tend to last for a very short time.

For a stylish wardrobe, remember that there are pieces in which it is worth investing a little more money: an evening dress, a winter coat, boots, day shoes and a good bag.

With these suggestions you will be able to find keys to give your wardrobe more style and look great.


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