How to combine velvet


The velvet is one of the tissues with a longer and more aristocratic history we have in our closets. It came to Europe from the Far East in the Middle Ages and quickly became one of the favorite fabrics of kings and nobles, as it was luxurious and expensive (as much as silk) and was available to only a few. Today velvet is within everyone’s reach and the big question is how to wear it. At we explain how to combine velvet.

How to combine velvet

Steps to follow:

The best bets for getting a velvet garment are those that are made in dark colors, such as black or dark blues and greens. Not only are they the most traditional options but they are also the ones that look best in your wardrobe.

Velvet is very suitable for special events and occasions when it is necessary to be more elegant and more ‘dressed’. Velvet evening dresses are a classic that never fails.

When it comes to combining velvet, try to be discreet and rather austere with accessories. Do not overload your look with necklaces or oversized bags or too flashy prints. Go for a few simple, elegant touches for the best effect. Velvet is a material that can be heavy, so it is better not to overload it.

You don’t have to limit velvet to dresses, you can also incorporate it into your look in skirts, pants or shorts. Be very demanding then with the other elements of your outfit and choose the top parts carefully.

Do not mix velvet garments with shiny or visually heavy materials (for example, velvet should not be mixed with brocades or prints). Make the rest of the clothes a single color or rather light fabrics. The lace, for example, usually gives very good results.

Is a total velvet look possible beyond dresses? Some designers have opted for velvet jacket and trousers. Choose dark colors for the suit and mix it with other rather simple elements, such as a white shirt.

And if you still have a certain resentment when it comes to dressing with velvet, you can always include it in small details of your look or in your shoes.


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