How to combine the colors of my clothes


Combining clothes seems simple, but many times we realize that it is a task that can bring us some other headaches. When combining our clothes, we must take into account many factors, such as the color of our hair, the tone of our skin, or if we want to highlight the color of our eyes. On the other hand, it also depends on the style (color-blocking and neon colors work differently) and the tastes of each one. We offer you certain tricks to know how to combine the colors of your clothes and always be able to look great with incredible outfits adapted to the latest trends.

How to combine the colors of my clothes

Steps to follow:

To combine colors in clothes in a flattering way, there are two basic rules that must be taken into account based on the color wheel, in which you can distinguish the primary colors (blue, yellow and red) and the secondary colors (orange, green and purple). The two premises that will make you never fail with your look are:

  • Cameo: combine clothes of close colors in the chromatic circle, such as beige and brown.
  • Contrast: combine garments of completely opposite colors in the chromatic circle.

In addition to this, there are other basic tips that will help you combine the colors of your clothes in a simple way, allowing you to obtain a perfect outfit for any occasion. Take into account the ones that we detail below and bet on the safe side:

  • The black, the white, the gray and beige are neutral colors that blend well with almost any color and also combine well with each other.
  • Mix cool colors with silver accessories and warm colors with gold accessories.
  • Avoid combining more than three different colors and that they do not belong to the same color range, as the effect could become very unflattering.
  • Be careful with the patterns. It is advisable not to wear two printed garments at the same time. It is not very good to combine a flower print shirt with striped or plaid pants.
  • She is wearing the same color shoes and bag. It is not entirely mandatory, but if your look is a single color, combining the shoes and the bag can give a cheerful and original touch to your outfit.
  • Have a good wardrobe background. There are basic garments that come in handy when it comes to combining colors, such as a white and black shirt or t-shirt, socks of various shades, a pair of jeans, black or brown shoes and a bag of the same color. All this will help you in the occasional wardrobe crisis.

When creating your daily looks it will also be useful to have a small guide on what shades each color combines with, in this way you will not have so many doubts when combining the different garments in your wardrobe. We start with black! As the saying goes, black combines with almost everything , and it is perfect to look elegant at any event and enhance the intensity of bright colors, but we must avoid wearing it with other very dark tones such as navy blue or brown if we don’t want to get too dull a look .

For its part, white is the one that perfectly combines well with all colors and together with black we obtain one of the best possible combinations to look more sophisticated, elegant and sensual. Combine your white garments with the tones that you like the most, but avoid wearing them with those that are too light, such as a much muted yellow, since then it will not stand out so much, you will look paler and not so favored.

The blue is another of the main colors in most wardrobes, and know that combines great with white, ideal for creating a navy look very fashionable, but also with beige, camel, gray and shades derived from red like garnet or burgundy. Of course, you will have to take into account what shade of blue you are going to combine, since not all of them will accept all combinations equally well.

Although brown is one of the most difficult colors to combine, a safe option that we love is to wear it with other shades of its own color range such as beige, cream, earth, sand, camel, etc. as well as with warmer colors such as orange, yellow or mustard.

The green is not the color most used to wear but there are certain colors like olive green, the aquamarine green or green bottle that combine well with earthy colors, beiges, raw, sand, nude, etc. It can also be flattering to contrast it with the wild colors such as black and white and with some light shades of gray.


  • If you have a particular garment that you do not know exactly how to combine, you can do a google search to give you an idea about similar garments.


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