How to combine the colors of my clothes


Combining the colors of the clothes is actually very easy, but we tend to be afraid of color. That’s why we settle for the more hackneyed combinations: blue/white, black/white, brown/orange and don’t explore the many, many variations that can look great.

How to combine the colors of my clothes

There are many combinations that look good only because whoever wears them does so with confidence and their heads held high. Other times, a combination that looks great on one person because of its personal color, doesn’t look so good on another, precisely because its color isn’t right.

White, black, beige, gray

These four colors are neutral. That means that they can be combined with absolutely all colors and they will look great.
Between them they always work. Black with white is a classic. Gray or beige with black or white also work well.

For example, black goes great with yellow, coral, turquoise, lavender, royal blue, magenta.

We always combine white with navy blue or red, without taking into account how beautiful it can be with mint green, mustard, purple, greenish blue.

Beige and gray can also be combined with unexpected colors, for example: beige and magenta, or gray and pink. Beige and mustard match very well, as well as gray with yellow.

light and dark blues

The shades of blue are wonderful. They combine with many things and among themselves they look very good.

We already know that navy blue is just about another neutral, which works great with all the greens, yellows, reds, pinks. Not so with browns and sometimes not with deep purple either.

Light blue is commonly worn with black, khaki, dark blue, and red, but also looks great with army green, orange, burnt yellow, and brown.

Turquoise blue works very well with pink, coral and red. What’s more, the combination of turquoise blue with red and brown looks very pretty.

Teal is a difficult but gorgeous shade that always goes well with navy blue, coral, pink, and black.

Reds, pinks and oranges

These warm tones get along very well with each other, although the combination of red and orange can be scary. Actually, a bright red with a light orange looks great. Likewise, a light pink with hints of red is an unexpected and very flattering combination. Even a magenta pink with red can be seen well.

Red goes well with olive green, all blues, brown and lavender and even violet purple.

Red and pink don’t look good with yellow. Orange can work with purple and even neon green. In that case, try to make the orange more of a salmon tone.

greens and browns

There are many shades of green. There are combinations that look very pretty, for example red and bright green, but they have a Christmas connotation that takes away their charm. Instead, olive green goes wonderfully with red.  Mint green works really well with orange. Bright green never looks bad with blue.

In the case of brown, there are also many variations, from chocolate to tobacco and caramel tones.

Dark brown works great with yellows, moss green, light and medium blues, red, orange, and lavender.

On the other hand, it does not go well with navy blue or purple.

Tobacco and caramel tones combine very well with blues, yellows, greens, reds, and pinks.

yellows and purples

These are two colors that are often feared, when in fact they are magnificent and can look very good.

They look very pretty with each other. A bright yellow with deep purple is a sensational combination.  Also purple with burnt yellow.

Yellow goes well with gray, black, dark blue, brown.

Purple and its lavender variations can look great with orange, coral, and shades of red.


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