How to combine military green


Green is a color that gives a lot of play: But the shades of green are very varied and for this reason other shades also end up becoming fashionable, which require different mixtures to achieve the perfect look. Army green has always been there, although from time to time it takes on more prominence. If you want to get the most out of it, here we explain how to combine military green.

How to combine military green

Steps to follow:

One of the best options to incorporate an army green element into your style is to go for pantsOlivia Palermo has already done it and has set a trend. You can combine it with neutral colors to get a perfect look. 

You can also make use of the tones that have been successful in previous seasons to get riskier and more surprising mixes. Some bloggers defend the option of combining military green with coral or with orange elements.

Although mixing army green and orange can be much more risky, betting on coral can give a very interesting result. The coral will give a more lady touch to the look.

The possibilities do not stop there. You can also play to mix your army green garments with others whose combination is not what was expected. For example, and given that military green is especially popular in parkas, why not combine it with more girlie dresses? Take, for example, the effect that an army green jacket creates with a polka dot dress.

Although some bloggers are not very happy with the idea, military green also combines with red. Try not to abuse either of the two colors and opt for the most moderate combinations so that the two colors do not clash too much.

When it comes to makeup, it is much better to go for one in soft tones or a natural makeup to soften the look a bit more.


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