How to combine jeans with sneakers


Jeans and shoes are two items that we all have in our wardrobe. We can vary between different jean cuts or different shoe models, and specifically casual style sneakers. Nowadays, the latest fashion trends show us that sportswear or more casual clothing has begun to be used as a fashion item, and not only in the case of men but also in the usual wardrobe of girls.

How to combine jeans with sneakers

That is why these two elements that are essential and necessary in every wardrobe can be used every day to go to work, when we go shopping or even when we meet friends on a weekend by combining them. with the right garment.

Oxford or elephant leg jeans with sneakers

Jeans with a wider hem, or elephant leg jeans are one of the must-haves this season, the seventies look prevails and it is time to take them out of the closet again or to get a new model.

  • The sneakers go very well with these types of women’s jeans because they allow you to move comfortably without stepping on your bottom and also hides a large part of your footwear; This allows you to wear a shirt or t-shirt giving a more elegant touch.
  • Try combining a brown t-shirt with blue wide jeans and beige sneakers.
  • You can also opt for a bottle green shirt with black sneakers, since being a more discreet color will allow you to give your jeans a greater role. In this case, the shoes are less important since they are more hidden, which can be very advantageous since you can be comfortable without losing an iota of style.

skinny jeans with sneakers

Skinny, skinny or chapin jeans   are a basic that combines perfectly with countless accessories.

  • To wear these jeans, we recommend that you combine them with tennis shoes or sports shoes that have laces. Together with a basic t-shirt or a simple white blouse, it will look great. Add a more casual jacket in cotton or even leather in shades of brown or military green for a street look.
  • Sign up for a slightly more original look and play with the color of the shoelaces, changing their color depending on the tones of the accessories. Try combining them as follows: pink shoelaces with white sneakers, or brown shoelaces for nude-toned sneakers. You will change the look of your footwear in just a few seconds.
  • Choose combinations that highlight your footwear to give your outfit more prominence, so you can choose to wear black jeans with pink sneakers or burgundy red pants and black or white sneakers. The result will undoubtedly be a success.

Jeans with espadrilles

If you have forgotten the latest trend, we remind you that one of the types of shoes that cannot be missing in your closet are espadrilles. It is a kind of shoe but without laces that we can find in a multitude of colors and patterns and that they look with practically all kinds of jeans, especially skinny jeans with which they look fabulous.

  • Remember that with this model it looks great if you wear espadrilles that don’t have a platform, you’ll feel super comfortable!
  • Combine your espadrilles with the classic blue jeans as they provide that little touch that is so popular in jeans that never clashes with this type of footwear. If you combine it with a carrycot-style bag, success will be complete.
  • Of course, they are not some types of shoes indicated for going out at night, so we recommend using them for an outfit tomorrow.

If you want a risky but equally stylish bet to combine your favorite jeans with sneakers, do not hesitate to choose bright and strong tones, which undoubtedly denote a great personality in your looks.

  • Bet on combining your jeans with sneakers in strong colors that highlight your style even more: red, green, purple or even yellow are daring shades that will not go unnoticed.
  • You can combine them with more casual sweatshirts or blouses to achieve a more urban and casual style, even with caps that match the color of the shoes.
  • One of the best ways to carry out this type of combination is by matching the color of the shoes with the upper part of our look, or with the color of the accessories such as the bag and sunglasses. Of course, you will need a good collection of sneakers of all colors!

Jeans with running shoes

It is probably one of the riskiest sets but nevertheless you should not miss it. The jeans with the running shoes manage to create a casual look that allows you to be comfortable as well as stylish.

  • If you prefer a more daring combination, opt for running shoes in fluorine or neon colors or in red, yellow or pink tones instead of the classic white sneakers.
  • On the contrary, if you opt for a more discreet look, you will also find running shoes in black, dark gray or navy blue.
  • Straight, skinny or flared pants, any type of jean is ideal for this type of footwear. Although it is better that you avoid shirts, since they give a more formal air as well as jackets. Opt for wide t-shirts or jumpers.

Jeans with Bold Print Sneakers

One of the advantages of combining sneakers and jeans is that we can adapt each of these garments and accessories based on the latest trends. One of them is daring prints: geometric, floral, animal print… The options are varied and for all tastes.

  • Give prominence to your style by combining the print of your sneakers with dark jeans, in this way your footwear will become the center of attention.
  • Try wine-colored jeans with lighter-colored sneakers or black jeans with beige or gray-colored sneakers.
  • For a more feminine touch, opt for sneakers with a floral print, or more fun with a polka dot or striped print.


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